I’ve mentioned before this group of female protagonists that my sister and I were fond of. Yes, the JAMS (Joey, Andy, Mizuki and Sujini), and I dedicate this post to them.

JAMS is a group of boyish female leads in some of our favorite drama series who have their own kissing bees.

Joey “Joelle” Lu (Lu Rui Xi)

From the Taiwanese adaptation of Hana-Kimi, we have Joey. We like Joey because of all her funny antics that makes the drama a lot more enjoyable. Although some may criticize how Ella portrayed this character with a lot of OA-ness, I can say that Joey is a character with a heart that we just can’t prevent ourselves to love her. Her kissing bee (one who gets crazy and kisses anybody when drunk), Brian Zuo (Zuo Yi Quan) played by Wu Zun is so adorable, too. These two together makes a lovely couple.

Andy Go (Go Eun Chan)

Coffee Prince is my first gender-bender drama, the one that introduce me to this crazy world of cross-dressing and girl-to-guy pretenses resulting to gay dilemma (for the male leads).

Andy is a one of a kind character that is rarely seen in dramas especially these days. I love how she was portrayed by Yoon Eun Hye and I can’t blame her when she cried during the last day of filming, not wanting to say goodbye to Andy. Aw.

Andy’s kissing bee happened to be not her bossing/lover Arthur (Choi Han Gyul), though.

Mizuki Ashiya

Seriously, tell me, who doesn’t love Mizuki and the whole Hana-Kimi Japan‘s Ohsaka High gang? We so love them that we badly want to pretend as guys too and be classmates with the rest of the ikemen. Haha.


If I have to choose only one among my favorite female leads, Sujini is a strong contender. I just simply love everything about her (like how I love Sungkyunkwan Scandal‘s Geol Oh and Queen Seon Deok‘s Bidam). Even when she was a child, I was already rooting for her character.

Since The Legend, is a 2007 historical drama (sageuks then were so wholesome that a kiss will not likely to happen on screen), Sujini’s is not a kissing but a hugging bee and unlike the three bees above (who thanks to the alcohol, have become kissing monsters) Damdeok, in this scene, is still sober (but yeah, maybe on his way to getting drunk). Haha. Damini FTW!

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