This series is one of my early favorites, even before Hana-Kimi. Actually, I was a bit pissed off with Hana-Kimi Japan‘s trailer when I first saw it because I’m a big fan of Coffee Prince that I believed any other gender bender series would be awful. Haha. What a scary fan I was back then.

Coffee Prince (Courtesy of MBC. Photo retrieved from DramaFever)

I guess I just loved Andy Go (Go Eun Chan). Andy has such a unique personality to be described as a typical Korean drama female protagonist. Yes, she’s the girl who makes everybody laughs out loud and eventually, loves her because of her cheerful aura whatsoever, but you’ll still find her character so natural.

Andy becomes the head of the family after they lost her father when she was young. She takes care of her princessy younger sister and spendy mother. She does all sort of jobs such as delivery, teaching kids taekwondo, sewing dolls’ eyes, and many more, of which none is stable.
Arthur (Choi Han Gul), on the other hand, is the perfect bachelor next door, who is being pressured to get married by his grandmother (very rare, right? Haha). He’s living a happy-go-lucky life and takes nothing seriously. Well, nothing but one. He’s in love with Arlene (Han Yoo Joo), his cousin, Erol’s former girlfriend. He remains good friends with the two of them though.

Arthur and Andy met in a not a so good situation. He even mistook her as a thief. Andy was pestering him to apologize after he insulted her family, when he noticed that she looks like a girl (he mistook her as not!) and offered her to become his lover so he can pretend as a gay to turn down his blind dates. In need of money, Andy signed the contract.

The coffee thing begins when Arthur’s grandmother challenged him to take over and manage a shabby coffee shop downtown. Learning how hardworking Andy was, Arthur hired him. They thought of the concept “Coffee Prince”, a café where only princes serve. And, yeah, of course, Andy’s accidental lie (of being a guy) continues as she needs this much more stable job.

And because this drama’s square is really one of the best, even until now, I’m going to write a little more about the remaining two leads.

Arlene, I can say, being an artist, is a deep woman. She has this selfish attitude but you won’t really find her hateful. At times, I even see myself in her. She tends to be independent and I like that. Though Arthur likes her a lot, Arlene never thinks of him as more than a friend. She often tends to act more like his older sister.

Erol (Choi Han Seong) is a music director who happens to live in the same neighborhood where Andy delivers milk. He and Andy got close because of his dog, Terry. At the beginning of the series, he calls Andy, “Terry’s girlfriend” while Andy addresses him as “Terry’s father”. Haha. Kyeopta. Erol still loves Arlene (even though she left him for another man) but this is to be shaken as he finds himself having fun with Andy.

Haha. That was lengthy. I summarized like the first two to three episode of the series. ? Just wanted you to have the initial Coffee Prince feels. Actually, I really wanted to tell more, especially about the other coffee princes. Each of them has a story to tell. And that’s another reason I like this drama – little stories put together nicely by a strong bond between the characters.

And since I can’t visit Full House anymore, hoping to at least drop by at this cafe someday to sip some coffee while listening to the drama’s cute OST, Lalala, It’s Love.

This is such a great drama. No Kdrama addict should not watch this. Like Full House, I so love its ending. It’s very rare to have a happy love square ending in the dramaland but Coffee Prince proved that it’s possible. ?

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