Yay! After months of procrastinating, finally got the site running!

Welcome to Asian Dramabase!

Quite obviously, the name was coined from Asian dramas + database. Ambitious as it may be, Asian Dramabase aims to be your go-to site for all your dramaland fixes — be it looking for what-to-watch-next suggestions, discussing the most recent episode of your favorite Kdrama in a spoiler thread or checking out latest series/movie reviews. ^.^

Blog roll will start to get busy as I import posts from my previous site. Won’t probably gonna write a new one until the migration process is 100% complete but will definitely be back ranting from how I’m so looking forward to Kim Soo Hyun and Joo Won’s return from their military service to why second male lead syndrome always hits me hard. >.<

Hopefully, the site will be fully functional before the year ends.

If Asian Dramabase happens to receive a lot of love and support, will also be launching:

  • forum.asiandramabase.com (discussions and arguments are way much fun when you do it with co-drama addicts!)
  • mylist.asiandramabase.com (simple interface where you can manage your to-watch, currently-watching, watched, parked, and so on and so forth drama list >.< )

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Asian Dramabase!

  1. Followed! The new blog sounds promising. And those subdomains, forum.asiandramabase.com, sort of like reddit but solely for discussing Kdramas?! How nice is that!

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