Look at these logs. Seems like every year, I always have something to post about this drama. And this might be that time of the year for 2016 when The Legend fever strikes again.

The Legend September 18, 2013
Damdeok and Sujini (The Legend Episode 18) June 9, 2014
The Legend Ending June 3, 2015

As I was watching my favorite episodes for like the 10th (maybe even more) time already, I bumped into this post. I actually read this review before and agreed to most of the writer’s points aside from her being a big fan of Kiha. Hahaha. Anyway, she has this “[things] I don’t understand” section on her review which I thought of as a little quiz that’s worthy for an entire blog post.

Was Damdeok in love with Sujini?

Freaking yes! (Well, that’s the Damini in me speaking.) But anyway, I would say, yes. There are strong evidences (“canon” as what anime fans refer to it these days). At least, you don’t say what Damdeok said to Sujini on Episode 24 to a friend.

Damdeok: If you won’t come to me, then I’ll go to you. All I need is to be with you.
Sujini: But you’re the king! You should be at your palace.
Damdeok: From this moment on, wherever you are is where my palace is.

The Legend Episode 24 Damdeok Hugs Sujini

His pain and longing for Sujini, is another thing.

But to be fair, I would say, deep inside him, there’s still a bit of affection left for Kiha. At least that what’s the ending suggests. Or maybe it’s just him, finding himself guilty that he didn’t believe in her.

Why does Cheoro always see Sujini in his thought?

Cheoro, with its sacred symbol embedded in his heart, shares some of the memories with the Blue Dragon. And it is implied that the Blue Dragon is in love with Saeoh. And I believe Cheoro is with Sujini too. ^.^

Saeoh as Seen from Blue Dragon’s Eyes; Saeoh from Cheoro’s Dreams

Also, dragon and phoenix, in Chinese symbolism, denotes husband and wife; usually used to represent the Emperor and the Empress.

Did Kiha finally fall in love with Hogae?

I would say a definite no. It’s more on like no one’s more fitting than Hogae to be her companion after Damdeok abandoned her. If anything, I think she pities him as she understands his pains and sufferings. At the very least, her desire of giving him the power of heaven, I believe, is sincere.

The Legend Episode 24

Kiha to Hogae: They say the one who possesses the power of Heaven has an eternal life. So will you wait for me? After I vent all my bitterness in this life, we will definitely meet again. 

Again, another hint for the after life thingy in the original script ending.

Why they assumed Sujini was the Black Phoenix?

This is because as one of the Goo Mool Village elders said, (1) she must have the power of the fire, (2), she will not be able to control it, and (3) the emblem of the Phoenix will be shown in her body. All these three signs pointed to Sujini being the Black Phoenix. And as for us viewers, it’s the physical appearance. Sujini being the reincarnation of Saeoh, that is.

But seems like the idea is that the reincarnation was altered as an effect of Kajin’s curseshe made an oath that if she could not have Hwanwoong in this life, she would go with him to the next.

The Legend Episode 1

It brought inconsistencies, especially with the matter of who’ll actually bear Damdeok’s child. Indeed, Kajin’s curse brought chaos to the series of events that is bound to happen but in the end, Damdeok still falls in love with Sujini.

Nothing is made clear though. Honestly, if someone would asked me who’s the Black Phoenix, I wouldn’t say Kiha, Sujini either. Kiha had Damdeok’s child, and she burst into the air, floating with blinding light surrounding her but she wasn’t really able to release the Phoenix and throw the world into an ocean of fire. It must be just Kajin and her innate ability to use fire.

Kiha on The Legend Episode 24

If you read the script of the original ending, Sujini saves the day with her ability to put out fire by holding the red orb on her chest as Hwanwoong’s taught Saeoh before.

What happened to Damdeok and the four guardians when he broke the Heaven Bow?

As per the Chun Goong, an ancient scroll that describes the use of the Heavenly Bow, all of them will die if the bow is destroyed. But as the screen fades white on Damdeok silhouette, we never know.

Chun Goong

The narration goes with Damdeok’s demise at 23rd year of reign though (at the age of 39). Damdeok was like 27 (17 [Damdeok’s age after the first time skip] + roughly a year [Episodes 3-23] + 9 years [another time skip, years w/o Sujini]) when the abullansa battle took place. ?

The Legend Ending Card

On the other hand, in the original ending, all of them live but Kiha. In the final battle, all the relics disintegrates except for the symbol of the phoenix. None is shown though to support this idea on the latter scenes of the original ending.

And that’s it. Though one may find them subjective, I hope those answers help. ?

I have one last wish for this dramaan epic REMAKE for 2017! A decade would be enough, right?

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