Up to these days, The Great Queen Seon Deok is to beat at the number one spot of my most favorite sageuk dramas. It’s just so EPIC.

Queen Seon Deok (Courtesy of MBC)

The story is loosely based on the life of Queen Seon Deok of Silla. The characters (except maybe for Mishil, the series main antagonist whose existence is still questionable) were based on real people but most of the story is fictional.

Princess Cheon Myeong (left) and Deokman (right): Twin Princesses of Shilla at their teens

The series revolves on Deokman’s (Silla’s lost princess) accounts to regain her position and eventually, become the first female ruler of Silla.

Nangdo Deokman Training under Hwarang Yushin

Unlike most sageuk of early 2000s which dealt mostly on war against neighboring countries (i.e. Goguryeo vs. Baekje), QSD is more into internal politics. Actually, it’s my first historical series where I saw a puppet king. I’m used to watching dramas where the king always has the last say and governs with outmost power.

Queen Seon Deok Coronation

I (and probably most of the drama addicts out there) think that QSD’s strongest point is its well-thought story. You know that every episode was written brilliantly. When I was watching this series, I was always like “Oh, how clever the writer is. So amazing,” fangirling the drama like crazy.

Go Hyun Jung’s protrayal of Mishil deserves all the praise. Mishil is actually the only antagonist I know who won the Daesang (Grand) Award. Seriously, how can things be conveyed to by just lifting an eyebrow? Haha. Mishil, daebak!

Another performance to look forward to is Kim Nam Gil’s. Gaaaahhh, Bidam, my Bidam, still my most favorite male character in a sageuk drama. Just remembering how I cried liters of tears because of this character, I’m starting to get crazy again. I’m still trying to find justice for all of these. Haha. Don’t mind me. I’m just a BiDeok (Bidam and Deokman) freak.

Deokman and Bidam’s Early Encounter

Watch it! Yes, I know, 62 episodes is a lot to commit yourself into but I’m telling you, it’s really WORTH it. Don’t blame me for the tears that will fall though while you’re watching the latter part of the series.


BiDeok’s also the only Korean drama couple I know which garnered more than 80% of votes, winning the Best Couple Category in a drama awards! Ah, I missed those times when the winning couple was decided entirely by viewer’s votes. These days, TV networks just hand it to any couple as a sort of a consolation prize for attending the awards night. Yes, the reason we have those actors/actresses playing humbly, saying they thought they were invited to receive the Best Couple Award.

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3 thoughts on “Queen Seon Deok

  1. I really love this series. I wouldn't say it's perfect because it have lots of flaws, plot holes and boring parts but aghhh I still love it and I love Bidam as well.

    Have you watched Empress Ki? These two are often compared to each other so I would like to hear more opinions about them.

    1. Queen Seon Deok, for the win! And yes, I have watched Empress Ki. It has indeed a lot of similarities with QSD. You can read my review here.

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