My first post about Dream High 2 was last February, after I watched its first episode. It’s been a while since I finished this series. To be honest, that was my first time to download a whole drama series from the net. Most of the time, I buy DVD’s or get soft copy from my colleagues. This time, I patiently waited every week for the fans to finish subbing the episodes. All I can say is, yes, it’s worth downloading but the praise ends with that.

Dream High 2 (Courtesy of KBS)

I don’t know if it they want it to be a trademark of Dream High but the second season inherited the complicated love triangle of the first one.

In Dream High, at first I’m so certain that Hye Mi’s going to end up with Jin Guk though even at the very beginning I really want Sam Dong for her . (That’s why I’m so glad she realized she loves Sam Dong in the latter part of the series.)  Now, in Dream High 2, I decided to take caution in choosing who’s best for Hae Sung ’cause the one that I’m going to choose will definitely have to end up with her no matter what. I don’t know but this drama makes you vibe that it’s a Hae Sung and Yoo Jin pairing. It’s a problem ’cause the one I like for her is JB. Maybe their love team is one of the reasons I continued watching this series. But guess what?! I really have the powers in choosing the right couple. Hae Sung and JB ended up with each other.
Dream High 2 is about six ordinary students of Kirin and five pop idols. (Maybe this big number makes the story a little messy.) The drama focused on each of the character’s unique traits and the conflicts between the two groups.
Like what I did in Dream High, I’m just going to post more details about the two leads.

Shin Hae Sung

Shin Hae Sung is a student of Kirin but was admitted only because of her academic grades. She solves Math problems when she’s depressed and can finish solving the Rubik’s cube for 30 seconds (it’s not ordinary, my fastest record’s two minutes). She aspires to be a singer but later found out this career is really not for her. Instead, she focused on composing. Like Sam Dong, she composes nice songs. My favorite among those is Hello to Myself. She is a fan of I:dn (Eden), especially of JB. At the end, she studied abroad and became a music director.

JB, on the other hand, is one of the two members of I:dn. He first met Hae Sung in one of their concerts. The two became classmates when JB’s company took over Kirin and send their idols at the said school. At first, he still likes Rian, his ex-girlfriend but later found himself in love with Hae Sung. He’s a good singer and dancer. Problems arise when he hurt his leg saving a child from a road accident. Although he was not able to dance again, he continues his career in the music industry as a producer.
Other characters faced conflicts like losing voice (Nana), unpleasant looks (Hong Joo), lacking of skills (Soon Dong) and rocky father-daughter relationship (Seul).
As I said, the story is messy. Is it funny? Yes, but the plot is lacking. Until Episode 12, I can say I’m still enjoying because of JB and Hae Sung kilig moments. However, as the series ends, you’ll realize there’s something missing and the story is going nowhere. Yes, it’s cute and funny but I have to end it with those two adjectives. 🙂
Anyway, the very last scene offers a refreshing version of the song Dream High (Love High). The first time I saw this, I thought it’s not good ’cause they changed my most favorite part of the song, the intro. But after hearing it for the second time, I can say that this version is quite refreshing and still never fails to lighten up your mood. Although I still think that Teacyeon did the rap part much better.

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