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We’re on a roll! Let’s get going all the way to the latest chapter.

For Chapter 17, we got Naruku and Spinel on their disguised forms. So Naruku’s hair was actually light brown, kind of like Sakura in the manga. And cute! It’s rare to see Spinel in fancy clothes. >.<

Back to the cooking lab, Sakura told Akiho and Tomoyo that she met Rika this morning and got a pop up Alice in Wonderland book from her. Sakura suggested to look at it together during lunch break much to Akiho’s excitement.

Suddenly, the cake decorations started moving and making sounds. Sakura used Snooze to put everyone to sleep. Tomoyo asked if this is because of another card to which Sakura replied she thinks so. The two were fascinated by how adorable the moving creatures were. Sakura even said they seem like not causing any trouble but a second later, they were all after her and Tomoyo.

Kero came out to lend a hand. Sakura used Flight but the moving decorations were still after her. Yes, they could fly too. She then used Spiral to encase them (apparently, this card can be used this way) and finally was able to secure Appear.

Appear Card as Shown in the Manga

I remember someone posted on the CCS Clear Card Arc FB group asking what’s the difference between Action and Appear. I was like “Isn’t it obvious? Appear is pretty similar to The Create while Action just animates object.” Rereading this chapter, now I know what this fan was talking about. The cake decorations were already there in the first place. As, quoting Sakura, Appear means to become clearly visible, the name of the card doesn’t seem to fit its abilities. Well, that isn’t something new, I guess. Remember the card that switched Syaoran and Kero’s bodies? It was named “The Change” when it could be “The Switch”.  “The Exchange” would be much acceptable even. >.< Anyway, maybe we’ll know more about this card when Sakura used it in the future (or maybe in the anime). I’m also a bit curious about it since it’s the first clear card with a human-like form.

Syaoran came after all the fiasco. I thought we’re over with him not being around during a card’s attack. His classroom might be far from the cooking lab. Lol. But hey, at least we got this gorgeous Syaoran offering Sakura a hand (both hands actually >.< (Okay, not funny. I’m outta here.)) as she goes down to the ground. He apologized for not being able to help to which Sakura replied he shouldn’t worry about something like that. And of course, Tomoyo’s camera couldn’t afford to miss these sweet SyaoSaku moments. Hahaha.

Syaoran Catching Sakura in Clear Card Arc Chapter 17

At home, Akiho was telling Kaito about what happened in their home economics class. She said all the decorations they put in the cake disappeared and they had to redo everything but they were already short of ingredients and time. She then told Kaito she brought home what she managed to make and one of them is for him.

Kaito said the cakes were cute. He asked if it was supposed to be his pocket watch. Akiho replied she tried to do her best to make it look a bit more like that but, as Kaito finished her sentence, the ingredients ran out. He then asked why she didn’t make the other one into Momo as she loves it so much. She said she thought of that as well but figured out it would be a shame to eat.

Akiho’s Cake Rolls

Kaito had a bite and said the cake was delicious. Akiho said she made it together with Sakura and Tomoyo and both of their instructions were easy to understand. She also mentioned that Sakura somehow looks apologetic after all the cake decorations disappeared. And on that note, Kaito couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Hahaha. How sly.

Even Akiho was surprised that she said Kaito looked so happy and that he should laugh like that again sometime. Kaito was a bit taken aback by Akiho’s words. Seems like this powerful magician is living a lonely life with great responsibilities on his shoulders.

Changing the topic, Kaito talked about the book Sakura got from Rika. Akiho said it’s Alice in Wonderland and Sakura gave it to her. She then goes on her way to get the book to show it to Kaito.

With only her and Kaito left in the living room, Momo sitting on the couch said that even with Kaito’s “D” powers he still couldn’t stop the time for that book. Kaito told her that that’s the very reason the new cards are needed. Chapter ends.

Owieee! I guess we are one step closer to the truth. Hahaha. It’s almost given now that Kaito was using Sakura to secure a new set of cards. And we now know why, to stop the time for that book. The book, yes, is obviously Alice in Clockland (or Timeland). The next thing in question is why Kaito needs to stop the time for that book. What is inevitably coming that he is trying to stop from happening? What’s with the book? Does it represents a new world or dimension? I doubt CLAMP would go with their brain-cracking multiverse stuff in CCS but who knows. Lol.

Anyway, I wonder if the cake decorated with flowers and butterfly was supposed to be Sakura’s but indeed, we didn’t get a blushing Sakura giving a cake to a tomato Syaoran. I hope CLAMP would make up for this in the next chapters or better yet, they could show this in the anime. Hahaha.

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