Clear Card Arc Chapter 19 Cover
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Owiiee. It’s been quite a while since the last time. The anime (hopefully, just the first part) finished airing almost a year and half now. And here I am, stuck with the first 18 chapter recaps. Anyway, let’s catch up with the manga really quick so I could go and recap the anime episodes as well.

And we’re back to the fire bird and Syaoran wearing Tomoyo’s costume for the first time. Dashing, I must say.

Sakura instructed Tomoyo to hide somewhere safe as she tries to suppress the fire bird with Aqua. Unfortunately, the water bird is not enough to stop this new card.

Syaoran instructed Sakura to try to get near the bird as close as possible to capture it once it flinched. He’ll try to attack it from the ground.

As soon as Sakura made it to a safe distance from Syaoran using Flight, he, clearly, using a card this time, attacked the bird with some powerful wind magic. Sakura, from the top, was able to secure the new card under the name Blaze.

Tomoyo complimented the two for their hard work. Sakura said it’s all thanks to Syaoran and his strong wind spell…or technique (kinda urging Syaoran to tell more about it). But oh, boy. Syaoran looked apologetic as he hid the powerful wind card on his back. Sakura couldn’t help but get worried.

Just in time, Kero diverted everyone’s attention as he pointed that the new card uses a fire magic and that with Gale (wind), Blaze (fire) and Aqua (water), the new set of elemental cards almost complete. Sakura agreed and also made a note that all them look pretty similar, all in a form of a bird just like The Fly card.

Sakura got home safe thanks to the Flight. She made a remark that seems like Touya is still completely oblivious of all these little magic adventures of hers. Although Kero believes that he definitely knows something’s up. Really, I’m not buying this hiding stuff to Touya thingy when he obviously knows everything.

Sakura went to bed as the mysterious figure was again seen watching over from her bedroom window as it stands against a pole.

The next morning, Akiho told Kaito that she had a dream of herself standing somewhere high, watching over someone she couldn’t figure out who because this someone got something she badly want to have. Hmmm… so Akiho it is. Though why she wanted to have the key? Akiho then asked Kaito that if this dream happened to have a continuation, does he think she could find out who it is to which Kaito cunningly replied he’s sure of it.

At Kinomoto’s, Sakura’s running late to school (as usual). Fujitaka called her down for breakfast. As Touya is out for morning shift at work, he couldn’t help but asked Sakura if he’s lonely. To which she sweetly replied how she could be if she gets to eat breakfast with him.

Before digging in, Sakura held her mom’s picture sitting beside the dining table and greeted her good morning. To her surprise, Nadeshiko appeared right before her eyes! Fujitaka asked Sakura what’s wrong. Apparently, he couldn’t see Nadeshiko anymore (or just this one time?). Chapter ends.

Glad that we saw Syaoran in action in this chapter. The anime episode featuring Blaze was one of my favorites, too. It’s just a bit sad to see him hiding things from Sakura. Hope this gets sorted out soon.

Anyway, seems like Nadeshiko will indeed play a part with all this Akiho thingy. I’ve been wondering why Sakura never got the ability to see her when she’s obviously powerful than Touya.

I do hope we’ll get more plot development next chapter.


On previous chapter recap, I wrote that I was wondering which word will be used on the official English translation–whether it’s gonna be Alice in Timeland or Alice in Clockland. I got an English copy of Volume 4 from a local bookstore last year and *drum rolls*, Clockland for the win.

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