Owiie! Chapter 8, I must say, is one of the most kilig installments so far.

For the cover, we got Akiho and Sakura on matching dress. So the new girl got a light brown, almost grayish hair and blue eyes. Her complexion matches Sakura’s.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc Chapter 8

Going back to Class 2 with Sakura screaming because of the moving trees, Tomoyo was fast enough to make up an excuse about Sakura not feeling well. She volunteered to accompany her to the clinic.

Sakura told Tomoyo that she saw the trees in the school yard moving which is probably done by another card. Tomoyo said she guessed as much and pull out a new costume for Sakura.

Sakura used Siege and Aqua to secure the new card which turned out to be Action (counterpart of The Move? But wait, it wasn’t in the original manga, was it?).

Sakura and Kero went to Yukito’s place to report the incident to Yue. She also told the two that she had to move the trees back to their places using the card. Kero was expecting otherwise—that the mess will fix its own after Sakura secures the card.

Kero asked when will that kind of card be useful. Sakura said it can be used to move things from one place to another and demonstrated how she was able to move the cups on the table using Action.

Yue remarked that as expected he doesn’t sense any magic in the card but when Sakura used the star wand she used some power. As per Yue, it seems like the “key lies in the staff.”

Yue then transformed back to Yukito. Kero complains that he always does without even saying goodbye. Yukito apologizes in Yue’s stead.

Sakura’s phone rang. It was Syaoran. Yukito excused himself so the two could talk privately. Of course, she told Syaoran about the new card. And how Yue doesn’t sense any magical powers in it. She also mentioned that she still hasn’t get a reply from Eriol. She isn’t sure what’s happening but she told him she decided to deal with it and do what she can. Syaoran answered her with “You’re amazing, Sakura.” Sakura freaked out upon hearing the sweet compliment, hee.

Sakura asked Syaoran if she can prepare lunch for him. She promised she’ll do her best not to burn the eggs. Syaoran said he’d like that and added that if anything comes up she should call him even in the middle of the night. Sakura agreed and asked if it’s okay to call him even if nothing comes up. (Sakura seems to be the one in the relationship who is more transparent in terms of expressing her feelings.) Syaoran must be taken aback by the question, as he paused before saying “Anytime.”

The chapter ends with Syaoran’s concerned face as if he’s sorry for keeping things from Sakura and at the same time worried for what is bound to happen next. 

Owiee! Syaoran is driving me crazy. I somehow felt like he was afraid of losing Sakura (as if he believes he really will). I could imagine him saying “You’re amazing, Sakura.” That was so sweet and painful at the same time. Painful that those were the only words he could say to her right now. And Sakura is completely oblivious of everything.

I’m itching to read the next chapter since the year changed. With the spoilers hinting Akiho is living with (and was brought up by) some “very important person” introduced another puzzle piece in this big mystery. I can hardly wait!

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