Owiiee! Finally, I’ve got the time to catch up on reviewing the latest chapters of this arc. Let’s get back on track before Chapter 9 comes out in a few days.

Chapter 7 features a full colored spread of Sakura, Tomoyo and Kero having a small tea party. “As a prize for being super, super, super, super popular”, this is, apparently, the third consecutive front page and color cover!

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc Chapter 7

After suddenly falling asleep, Sakura met the mystery figure again. She was wondering if it’s a dream. It seems to me that she was transported to the dream world. She asked the figure again for its identity but all it did was raise its one hand as if it was getting the key from Sakura by force.

Kero woke her up. Sakura noted that the mystery person was the same height as her. We then see it standing on a pole, spying on the two through Sakura’s window.

The next morning, Touya was preparing breakfast. We learned that Fujitaka told him about Sakura coming home soaking, the day before. And on that note, he knows already that something’s up and “still” happening. Not sure if Touya knows more about it than us.

At school, Class 2’s homeroom teacher announced that they’re gonna have a new classmate, the third transfer student in the series following Syaoran and Eriol. The new student introduced herself as Shinomoto Akiho. Here we go, the new character everyone is anticipating ever since we learned the split classroom setup.

Sakura invited Akiho to lunch. The new girl was introduced to the whole gang. We also learned that she has been to several places in the world including Hong Kong, Germany, Italy and England. Yes, I know, the first and the last ones ring a bell. Surely, this girl has some sort of magical powers.

Akiho remembered that she needs to go to the faculty room. Sakura volunteered to accompany her. She was really fond of her new friend. Sakura said the two of them are so much alike, even their names, Kinomoto Sakura and Shinomoto Akiho (and we all know how important names are in CLAMP’s multiverse). The other girl has done nothing suspicious and was just innocently amazed how everyone is so kind to her.

Syaoran reported about the transfer student to Eriol whom immediately knows it’s a girl. Syaoran told him he doesn’t sense any magical power from the Akiho. Eriol said his divination says so, as well as the girl getting close with Sakura. They also talked about Sakura’s newly secured card, Reflect. Eriol said he knows how painful it is for Syaoran (maybe not to help Sakura and be by her side when the card attacks) but they should wait till the time comes.

Back to Class 2, Sakura freaks out upon seeing this doodle by Naoko, on her textbook. Kawaii!!! Must be CLAMP’s way of showing that Sakura and Syaoran’s relationship is out in the open at least within the gang.

From the classroom window, Sakura then noticed trees moving on its own, walking by their roots. Before she can contain herself, she already screamed, echoing in the whole classroom. And that’s where the chapter ends.

So the mystery figure was Akiho? And she’s getting close with Sakura. Not sure but I don’t think the girl is evil. Maybe Sakura’s future daughter? Lol. Or her mother’s reincarnation? Akiho does resemble the young Nadeshiko.

I don’t think will be getting the jealous Sakura that I really wanted. Hahaha. Yes, the new character is a girl but she seems to be getting involved with Sakura more than Li.

I hope will be getting closer to that “time” Syaoran and Eriol are always referring to. I could feel Syaoran’s pain and frustration for not being able to help and let Sakura carry all the burden.

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