Looking for a drama to watch during the Christmas break, I bumped into Moorim School. I was kind of avoiding this series ’cause I’m not familiar with any of the four leads except for Lee Hyun Woo. I checked the first episode anyway, as (you might have known) I do have a soft spot for school dramas.

I usually don’t comment anything about the poster of any drama ’cause I really don’t give a damn (after all, it’s the series itself that matters). But seriously, what’s wrong with this one? As far as I know, it isn’t a drama featuring vampire leads. Hahaha. Really, what were those girls wearing?

Anyway, the story centers on Yoon Shi Woo, the leader of the famous boy band Mobius who suffer from tinnitus, a symptom of hearing loss. In one of their concerts, he will met a female fan, Hwang Seon Ah who noticed his condition. She advised him to go to Moorim Institute and have the school dean fix his ears. Moorim is known as a mysterious school located in the heart of the forest (or was it a mountain?) where students are taught how to practice martial arts.

On Shi Woo’s way to Moorim, he’ll met Hwang Chi Ang, the heir of one of the school’s major sponsors. Chi Ang was instructed by his father to go to Moorim but initially refused until he found out that Shim Seon Deok, a girl he just met and crushed on (and also a good friend of Seon Ah) is a student of Moorim herself.

In the middle of an argument, Yoon Shi Woo and Hwang Chi Ang (or one of them) inadvertently unlocked the key which protects Moorim from outsiders. As if the tree branches were moving on their own, the school grounds revealed itself to them. And basically, that’s where all their adventures inside the school begin!

At first, I deemed the plot very intriguing. It was so Doctor Strange-ish that I had to contain my excitement. Everyone knows how much I’m fond of philosophy and alchemy. Too bad, it’s not the favorite genre of most Kdrama writers. That’s why to encounter a Korean series like Moorim School which deals about philosopher’s stone and all is quite amusing to me.

The hype didn’t last though. The story becomes dragging as the focus shift to Hwang Seon Ah and Yoon Shi Yoo’s birth secret. Sure, the urge to uncover the mystery surrounding their past helped me finish the drama without stopping but I expected more alchemy/powers stuff than that.

Good thing, I came to like Hwang Seon Ah. I love her character, not to mention her outfits. She doesn’t have to wear costumes like the one in the poster. Hahaha. I like the idea of her, a girl, being the top student of Moorim. I must admit that during the first few episodes, I shipped her with Shi Woo only to find out later in the series that I should not. ?

Jung Yoo Jin as Hwang Seon Ah

P.S.We are yet to see this kind of genre brilliantly executed in the dramaland. This series, being the first one to try, isn’t a bad shot, not bad at all.

I really like the intro of its OST Alive and when I say intro I mean just the first 12 seconds in the fan-made mv below. Anyone else think the intro is too good for the song?

Finally, I’ve found a more decent poster for this drama which I think got more of the school vibe that I really like. I was looking for one since last week (yes, this post was on draft for more than a week now!) but I already gave up and decided to just write how bad I think it was. Hahaha. And since I already typed in my rants, I couldn’t replace it anymore. ?

Wohoo! With this post I finally caught up reviewing my newly watched dramas! Time to dig up some old series, review a couple or more before finishing what I’m currently watching. Hahaha. So this is what Kdrama is life means. ?

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