So that was this Secret is all about, ah!

These past weeks, I really can’t find the urge to finish any series on my “currently watching” list. It seems like I get bored with all of ’em, not even looking forward to their endings. Finding a new drama to watch, a friend of mine suggested Secret.

Secret (Courtesy of KBS)

She said the drama is about this girl who took the blame from his fiancée after he got involved in a hit-and-run. Sounds like so  Innocent Man-ish to me. Making things complicated, the dead victim, who was the other guy’s girlfriend happened to be pregnant. The story goes with this guy fighting against his feelings for the heroine whom he thought killed his ex-girlfriend and their child. When I asked for the role of the other girl, she just shrugged me off, literally saying, “Don’t mind her.” Hahaha.

Kang Yoo Jung

So to fill the gap, the girl is Kang Yoo Jung, a hardworking and warm daughter of a baker who supports his aspiring prosecutor boyfriend, Ahn Do Hoon, all the way even since he was still in law school. You can indeed call her a martyr in every sense.

Yoo Jung and Do Hoon on the Night of the Accident

On their way back, the night Do Hoon proposed to her, the dreaded accident happened. Yoo Jung took all the blame not knowing that they indeed hit a person during that night. Do Hoon told her that they just bumped a drum. To make the situation worse, the case was assigned to Do Hoon. And he did literally prosecute his own fiancé to prison due to a sin he actually did.

Yoo Jung and Do Hoon in Court

It really is like The Innocent Man. It’s just that in this drama they’ve shown Yoo Jung’s suffering inside the prison. And that friend of mine never mentioned that she herself was also pregnant when she got jailed! This made things even more heartbreaking.

Yoo Jong with Her Son

I know you think Do Hoon is a one complete asshole but his character is actually much complicated than that. He was portrayed as a warm, charming person at the beginning of the series. Even up to the last minute before the trial, he tried to convince Yoo Jung to tell the truth that he was the one driving that night. But as we learned from The Innocent Man, one has the tendency to make more hideous things if they didn’t get punished for their wrongdoings. They’ll become desperate beings and their greed for power and money (which sadly, all started from a pure, sincere dream) will eat all the good in ’em. 🙁

Jo Min Hyuk, on the other hand, is another asshole. I couldn’t really imagine how he and Yoo Jung will end up together in the end. Of the time I’ve spent watching this series, 90% was me hating these two guys and pitying Yoo Jung.

As for the not so important girl, her name is Shin Se Yeon, Min Hyuk’s childhood friend. She has a crush on him ever since they were little. Their parents, especially Min Hyuk’s side are pushing their marriage. She also got involved with Do Hoon. But just like any woman, blinded by “love”, she’s a poor, lone gal who do unreasonable things they’ll only regret after getting over with their obsession.

I did cry! They were so many tear-jerking scenes. Every time, I felt so sorry for Yoo Jung. Just like when I was watching Angry Mom and The Greatest Love, I was furious with how unfair the world is for our poor protagonist. Even at the very end, it was so heartbreaking how she was unable to be with her child. Huhuhu, the feels, I can’t. ?

Overall, I do recommend this drama. Even with all the heartaches it brought me, it’s still worth it.

Hwang Jung Eum earned my respect in this drama. She proved she is more than how I always refer her to—Full House Take 2‘s Man Ok.

There really is no greater love than a parent to his child. Like Innocent Man‘s Jae Hee, his child played a big part in Do Hoon turning himself in to pay for his crime.

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