Yapari! I knew it! Syaoran and Eriol are indeed communicating with each other! Pretty sure my theory about Syaoran’s coming back to Japan is per Eriol’s instruction, will soon be proven true. Hahaha.

This chapter’s cover features the two guardians in their original forms. With “Definitely tell him (Syaoran). Even if they were little things,” an excerpt from Yue and Sakura’s conversation in the previous chapter written on the right side.

Another “told-you” moment, those words meant something significant. Didn’t expect that CLAMP would put more emphasis on it though, making it the caption of the this chapter’s cover. Syaoran, surely has a lot of involvement in this new arc. And who doesn’t love that?!

Back to Sakura waking up from her dream. She followed the light emitted from the key and discovered this dragon-ish, Vaporean-like (that’s me influenced by Pokemon Go fever) creature outside her room.

The new star key dragged her out of the window towards the mystery figure as if it was taking the key from Sakura by force. And just when she screamed “Stop it!,” she woke up, for real this time, with Kero asking her if she’s okay. On her hands, she discovered the star key from her dream.

Fujitaka noticed Sakura’s gloomy face but the latter just shrugged it off, not wanting to worry her father. We then see Fujitaka remember Nadeshiko, wondering if her not appearing before him recently could actually mean a good thing or not.

On her way to school, Sakura was attacked by a strong wind. She managed to turn the new key into a wand and secure a new card by using a new spell, that is.

She was able to capture Gale, which refers to “a very strong wind”. So are we gonna see stronger versions of the previous cards without the The keyword, huh? Okay, my theory for this new set of cards to be named after intangible things is out. Hahaha.

Before going to class, Sakura told the story to Syaoran and Tomoyo, showing them the new key and the new, see-through card. When Sakura asked Syaoran about the new star key, he commented that he can only sensed her power which Sakura seconded.

The three needed to split up to attend their respective classes. Sakura then asked Syaoran to discuss this matter more after class.

As Sakura and Tomoyo headed to Class 2, Syaoran received a phone call from Eriol. He mentioned about Sakura getting a new card. We didn’t see/hear from Eriol on the other line, but it was as if the two were hiding things from Sakura. Syaoran, then, made it clear, that he understands and that he knows what he has to do.

That’s where the chapter ends and the month of waiting begins. Hehehe.

Confirmed. Eriol not replying to Sakura is intentional and Syaoran is part of it. Though it surely is for Sakura’s best, or at least that’s what they think so. Seems like the two are protecting her from great danger and keeping it (whatever it may be) as a secret is part of the plan.

This chapter, we have a new proof which strengthens my hunch that the mystery figure might be related to Syaoran. That is the fact that the characters on Sakura’s new magic circle and new card’s deck are the similar to that of the Rashinban, Li’s compass. Admittedly, I didn’t notice it until one of the fans says so. I immediately double checked and they indeed have the same Chinese symbols. Actually, the ones in the Ranshinban are a bit simpler (not sure if it’s just the font style) but yeah, they do resemble each other.

Syaoran’s Rashinban (left) and Sakura’s New Magic Circle (right)

I can’t remember any dragon stuff in CCS nor TRC, xxxHolic neither but it is a common Chinese emblem used to denote strength and power. And its being Chinese suggests it’s related to the Li Clan.

We are yet to know the deal with the bear. At the previous chapter review, I pinpointed that the plush bear has something to do with Sakura’s dreams. That is yet to be proven but I still believe that the bear is involved somehow.

Anyway, things are getting more and more interesting. In a few days, Chapter 4 will be out and hopefully, some questions will get answered. ^.^

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