Even though I watch new series every now and then, there are these dramas that I always go back to once in a while. I may not rate them a perfect ten but they are the ones who will remain forever in my heart.

Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince is one of my first favorite Korean dramas. I laughed hard, cried a lot, basically felt all the emotions you could get from watching a great drama. And I super love the happy ending for the four leads.

Full House

If there’s one drama that I have watched for more than ten times, from beginning to end, that would be Full House. I think I’ve seen it for around twenty times already. Haha. It’s just CLASSIC. Funny, poignant, and basically all I want for a rom-com series.

Hana Kimi Japan 2007

If Full House is to be beaten in my heart of hearts, that drama would be this one. Arrrg! It’s a really simple Japanese series about friendship and some romance but yeah, I LOVE it. It may seem like a stupid, hilarious drama on the outside but will really move your heart if you engage yourself into it. The thing about Hana-Kimi is you badly want to be a part of their world. Crazy antics balanced by strong friendship and inspiring wordsit’s just awesome!

My Name is Kim Sam Soon

Who doesn’t like this drama? I love how natural the leads are. Gaah, it is SO funny but will make your heart ache as well. And fine, Hyun Bin’s here was gorgeous. He was a perfect fit for the character. [The original book is okay but I LOVE the drama.]

Queen Seon Deok

Yeah, I know. It’s a 62-episode series but still, I just can’t not include it here. Yes, I’m not watching the whole drama over and over again, but I always go back to see the last 20 episodes or so. Just LOVE BiDeok! I’ll be their forever supporter. And yeah, Mishil deserves to be mentioned. Daebak!

Sweet 18

The only thing I don’t like about having classic dramas that I always want to see once in a while is the fashion and gadget trend. Haha. I find Sweet 18’s 2004 fashion sense hilarious when I watch it these days. Lol. But that doesn’t discourage me from watching the series again and again. Definitely, one of the best rom-coms out there!

The Legend

Queen Seon Deok and The Legend‘s ending are the ones I will always whine over. Gosh. These series are so nice that they deserve a better one. Nonetheless, The Legend is epic. Everyone should watch it and see that Asian dramas are great and world-class.