Who knows the day will come when I will be officially reviewing this drama? Haha. I always say that this series has a special place in my heart but never really wrote a post entirely about it.

I consider Hana Kimi Japan as the one that opened my door of interest to Asian dramas. This series made me read manga for the first time (though I haven’t finish it yet), made me curious about Asian drama actors and actresses, made me create my first Facebook fan page and blog…really, this series started my life as a drama addict.

The story is about a girl named Ashiya Mizuki who returns to Japan to enter an all-boys high school with only one goal in mind – to help his idol, Sano Izumi to get back on his feet and pursue high jumping again.

One thing I really like about this version is they made Ashiya involved in the incident where Sano hurt his foot (causing him to quit high jumping), making it more rational for her to blame herself to the extent of pretending as a guy just to help him regain himself.

Hana-Kimi looks so dumb and foolish on the outside but once you engage yourself into it, there’s this deep feeling of enjoyment making you feel like you’re one of them. I love how everybody looks like an idiot yet you know they’re not. Haha.

I love the trio, especially our hilarious second male lead, Nakatsu Shuichi. And who doesn’t like our ever loyal and caring but yeah, playboy dorm-head, Nanba Minami. Kagurazaka, Sano’s rival in high jumping, is hot, too. Haha.

Gosh. Seeing these pictures brings back good memories. That summer when I first watch this series was really one of the best I ever had.

You’ll gonna laugh, that’s a given. But you’ll shed tears as well. The scene where Ashiya left to return to America is so damn tear jerking. Haha.

As you may point out, the plot is nothing grand or something, the actors are just so-so as well, but really, this drama has its charm that will definitely touch and inspire you. I don’t wanna talk about good story, OST, cinematography, etc. ’cause when we’re talking about Hana-Kimi, the sum of the parts doesn’t define the whole.

This kind of drama is the one that you don’t want to end. You just want the characters to continue their story as you continue your own in the real world.

Like Coffee Prince‘s cafe, I’m planning to visit Ohsaka Gakuen too. Hehe. That’s the thing with drama addicts. We’d rather go to filming sites than the usual tourist spots.

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