Before, I always avoid comparing it to its Japanese counterpart, the very first Hana Kimi version I’ve seen (but is actually produced a year later after this). I always say that each of them has their own charm that bewitched me.

The thing about the Taiwanese version is it’s tied tightly with the manga in which there are things that I am not much fond of. To cite one, in the original storyline, Sano’s accident was caused by saving her manager, Rika, not Ashiya. This adaptation basically followed the manga chapters quite strictly. And because of the then possibility of a sequel (which never materialized), the ending was left hanging, not even exposing Lu Rui Xi’s pretense of being a guy. The last episode ended without even her knowing that Yi Quan actually knows that she’s a girl.

I hate when they do that to dramas. Of course, I love sequels, specials, movies or whatever form in where they can continue telling my favorite story but it pisses me off when producers left the original series with a hanging ending just for me to wait for a continuation that never gonna really happen.

Nonetheless, this series is still special to me. I may not like every character but still love at least the trio. And I can say I have never “fangirl” any boy band or girl group more than I did with S.H.E. and Fahrenheit. It was my very first time trying to memorize and sing Mandarin songs which I can hardly even pronounce correctly. Ah, those days when I woke up to S.H.E.’s Zen Me Ban. Hahaha. Really, my phone then was full of C-pop songs that I badly wanted to hear as I was writing this post.

I might easily choose Nanba-senpai over Senior Nan, Nakatsu over Wesley but it’s really hard elsewhere. It’s even hard to pick one between Kagurazaka and Shen Le (played by Ethan Ruan). Hohoho. And sorry, Yuujiro, I must admit that I love Frisky (Yu Ci Lan) more. Frisky is just so fluffy and irresistible. I just love his white fur.

Why bother choosing one when you can watch them both? Hahaha. They’re both funny anyways.

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