Why did I watch

Someone asked me to get this drama and so I felt obliged to watch to not get my efforts of having a copy go to waste. Even though it stars Lee Hyun Woo, whom I’m quite fond of, I had my doubts with regards to the Red Velvet leading lady. And I was damn right! Hahahaha.


It’s a series set in the music industry with the plot revolving on a music genius, Kang Han Gyeol who works as a composer/producer for the famous boy band, Crude Play.

Lee Hyun Woo as Kang Han Gyeol

He’ll meet Yoon So Rim, a high school student who’ll fall in love with him at first sight. As Soo Rim also aspires to get into Han Gyeol’s world and debut as a band together with her childhood friends and classmates, their paths will continue to cross.

Mush & Co.

My ^Least Favorite Character

I don’t have one so I’m just going to talk, I mean complain about my least favorite character. Seriously, I must say that Joy is the exact stereotype of an idol actress. Her character isn’t even that poorly written. It really all boils down to the execution. No matter how hard the rest of the cast try to uplift the show, this girl keeps on dragging it down. Lee Hyun Woo and Lee Seo Won (who’s actually pretty good in portraying his first lead role even though he’s still a newbie) both deserve a better artist to act opposite with.

Joy as Yoon So Rim

I do not totally hate the idea of having an idol play the lead. Of course, I know most of the great actors/actresses in the dramaland aren’t a member of a girl group or a boy band but I thought the popular idea that idols can’t act is sort of on the extreme side, haters must have advertised. I’ve seen a lot of series starring idols (Dream High, Dream High 2, Hana-Kimi Taiwan, etc.) which in my honest opinion, do not live up to this infamous “idol-starring” drama stereotype. Yes, but that was all before I saw The Liar and His Lover. Seriously, this girl needs an acting workshop! I don’t want to be mean; I just hate that the drama could have been so much better if not for this miscast. Well, not that it’s a really great series but still. ?

The Good

Two things, the sound track and Crude Play. Sad that the band didn’t even made it in the poster. ? Their friendship’s the only thing that kept me going ’til the end of the series.

Crude Play

The Not So Good

Ugh, do I need to say more? Sure, I may have a lot of things to write in this section but Yoon So Rim overshadows everything!


To Watch or Not to Watch

Well, you already know the reason to skip this series and look for another drama without Joy in it. But I guess one could bear to check it out for the sake of the pretty decent OSTs. And yeah, I don’t think a big fan of Lee Hyun Woo would back off.

Oh boy, I felt so old with (Princess Hour‘s) Chae Gyung’s mom now playing the role of a granny!

Chae Gyung’s Mom (Princess Hours) playing Yoon So Rim’s grandmother

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