Coffee Prince might be the one that made me watch most of Yoon Eun Hye dramas (e.g. Lie to Me, Missing You, Marry Him If You Dare) but Princess Hours also has a special place in my heart.

Seriously, who among early drama addicts didn’t watch Princess Hours? It’s such a classic school romantic comedy series.

Princess Hours (Courtesy of MBC)

The drama revolves on Shin Chae Gyung (Janelle), a clumsy high school girl majoring in arts who suddenly became the crown princess of the modern-day Korean monarchy after marrying the crown prince. Their marriage was upon the fulfillment of the promise made by their grandfathers.

Crown Prince Shin is one of those usual cold, stoic guy protagonists who always pretend they don’t care even if they really do. He was in a relationship with Min Hyo Rin (Monique) before marrying Chae Gyung. He even proposed to her, desperately not wanting to participate on this ridiculous marriage arrangement but it resulted to her refusal mainly because of her dream to become a successful ballet dancer.

And the story rolls. Shin’s cold heart will gradually open up to Chae Gyung as her charm lightens and colors up his then me-world.

Well, actually, I’m not a fan of the crown prince and princess. Yeah, like probably most of you, I’m a fan of Yul Goon (Troy), Shin’s cousin. He was originally the crown’s heir but her father, the former crown prince died in an accident. The crown ended up on Shin’s father, making Shin the present crown prince. This is why technically, Chae Gyung’s fi·an·cé was originally Yul Goon (the agreement is for her to marry the next crown prince).

It’s actually quite odd to have two stoic, mysterious, silent male leads in a drama. Usually, the other one is more loud and cheerful, and outspoken. I don’t know if that’s why I’m very fond of Yul Goon, though. It’s just that his character is so nice (and I think, had been through enough) to not deserve the girl. Up to these days, I think Yul Goon is still no. 1 on my list of favorite second male leads. Every time I watch Princess Hours, I just can’t not shed a tear for him. ?

Princess Hours presents a modern-day drama with a touch of the usual sageuk monarchy. You have the throne conflicts mixed together with the quirky, trendy and comedic aspect of the present day time. It just clicked. I can’t even remember how many times it had been replayed on ABS-CBN. Pag-ibig nga Kaya, the Filipino version of it’s OST had also been a hit during those times.

It’s a nice series, perfect not just for high school girls but also for all the K-drama guru out there whom I’m sure will appreciate Princess Hours as much as I do.

Who didn’t miss these bears? Arghh… kyeopta!





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