Why did I watch

I was looking for a light drama and was browsing some romantic comedy series. When I came to this one, I was reminded of a popular video clip I’ve seen in my newsfeed. It seems like this series is making a buzz in the dramaland so I did check it out.


The story revolves on Lee Yoo Mi, a nutritionist who grew as an outcast because of her mom who formerly starred in sexy films. Unlike her mother, she’s a timid girl who always dresses conservatively and doesn’t have any experience being in a relationship.

Lee Yoo Mi and Cha Jin Wook

She attended her mom’s second wedding where she met Cha Jin Wook, our rich leading man, the only heir to Daebok Group. His father sent him to one of their hotels to work as a bellhop as a sort of punishment for fooling around all this time.

Yoo Mi, in one of the hardest times in her life, when everything doesn’t seem to work out, will find solace and comfort in Jin Wook’s company. Unexpectedly, without knowing each other’s names, they’ll spend the night together. But because it’s Yoo Mi’s first time and she didn’t think it was right, the next morning, she’ll left Jin Wook all alone without saying anything.

Three years later, they’ll meet again as Yoo Mi has been assigned to work at Daebok Group which is now being lead by Jin Wook as its CEO.

Lee Yoo Mi meets Cha Jin Wook again after three years


This drama is funny, light and hmmm…sexy in a very comical way. It didn’t fail to make me laugh in every episode. The OST is also very cute. It somehow reminds of songs from Fated to Love You (Taiwan).

Sure, it isn’t something I’ll rate higher than seven but I definitely get why GMA had its eyes on this series, and started broadcasting it locally, last week, making it the first ever OCN drama aired in the country.

My favorite character

I don’t have anyone in particular. The second lead guy quite had the angst but not to the extent that I’ll really root for him. At any rate, even though him ended up liking Hye Ri seems to be a bit too forced for me, I like that we’ve got a happy ending for our love square.

Yoo Mi’s Bestfriend, Jung Hyun Tae

Also, I must say that I just can’t seem to like Yoo Mi’s mom. She’s a very odd character who always gives me a headache. ?

Yoo Mi’s Mom

To watch or not to watch

I would say yes. It’s definitely not a must-see but I still quite enjoyed watching this series. I like that it’s relatively short. With only thirteen episodes, you won’t feel like finishing this drama just for the sake of crossing it out on your currently watching list.

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