Finally, I got to finish this drama series last month. I couldn’t even remember when I did start watching it. It feels like I had been watching this for ages.

The story circles on Gu Seo Jin, the wealthy heir of Wonder Group who seemingly has everything from the looks, wit and fortune. He runs a theme park called Wonderland, and is currently living within the area. Not known to others, he is suffering from DID (dissociative identity disorder) since he was fifteen.

Hyun Bin as Gu Seo Jin

In an incident in Wonderland, Seo Jin met Jang Ha Na, who just returned to Korea to take over as the new leader of the theme park’s circus group which was formerly lead by her late father. As Ha Na vows to revamp Wonder Circus to its glorious days, she’ll clash with Gu Seo Jin, who badly wants to get rid of the group.

Han Ji Min as Jang Ha Na

Dr. Kang, Seo Jin’s psychiatrist, who just told him she finally found a way to cure his condition, has gone missing after being assaulted. Ha Na happened to be in the scene and just when the perpetrator was about to attack her, Seo Jin’s other self, Robin was awaken to save her.


Jang Ha Na made a deal with Seo Jin to help him find the culprit (she has seen its face but can barely remember it due to shock) in exchange of keeping Wonder Circus in Wonderland. Believing he and Robin are twin brothers, Ha Na will find herself falling in love with Seo Jin’s much kinder personality in the process.

I couldn’t really understand why this series has to be this long. Twenty episodes, seriously? Yes, at first, I did find the plot quite intriguing. Since I have yet to watch Kill Me, Heal Me, it was supposed to be my first Korean drama featuring a protagonist with multiple personality disorder. I was off for an adventure but finishing this series turned out to be a very boring and long journey.

Sung Joon as Yoon Tae Joo (Dr. Kang’s student)

To be honest, I’m not really into the leads. I kind of like Sung Joon but not to the “I must check out all his dramas” extent. (I wasn’t even aware that he was part of the cast until he appeared on screen. I actually thought it was just a cameo.) But I don’t think the fact that I’m not much fond of any of them is to blame. They’re great artists, anyway. It’s just that the story gets too dragging for me to hang on.

I don’t get why they took them forever to find out Lee Soo Hyun’s true identity. The several episodes after he and Gu Seo Jin made up, is too long for me as well. No wonder the ratings dramatically dropped since Episode 16 to the last.

I’m not saying the series is really bad. I couldn’t just buy the slow pacing and the comedy couldn’t keep up with it either. Make it a regular sixteen episode mini series and that would make all the difference.

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