Owiieee! I’m back! Haha. I’m slacking off lately that I haven’t really finished anything on my currently watching list. Stalling this drama was kind of intentional as well since I couldn’t find the urge to write a review until today.

So yeah, I started watching My Secret Hotel a few months ago. I marathon-ed Episodes 1 to 15 but since I don’t wanna write this post right away (and I’m not so good at reviewing a drama I have watched ages ago), I just scanned the last episode really quickly (just to find out who the culprit was) and only got to watched it in full last Sunday.

The series centers on Nam Sang Hyo, the team leader of wedding planning department in one of the most luxurious hotels in Korea, The Secret Hotel. Not known to others, when she was working as a hotelier in Las Vegas, she got married to Goo Hae Young, a guy from a wealthy family, but they separated in less than 100 days of being in a relationship.

Seven years later, their paths will cross again as Goo Hae Young and his fiancée plan for their big day with Nam Sang Hyo playing as their wedding coordinator. Meanwhile, Sang Hyo’s strict supervisor, Jo Sung Gyeom will find himself attracted to our leading lady completing the love triangle.

It’s romantic comedy with a splash of thriller/mystery. This drama, I would say, is just a so-so. I have nothing against the actors but I find the story a bit lacking and hard to connect to. I could remember some funny scenes but overall, it still lacks on the hearty side.

I won’t really recommend this drama unless you’re a big fan of the leads (unfortunately, I am not).

[Spoiler alert] Don’t you think it’s a bit unfair to end the series without Sang Hyo knowing who her biological father is? I think this is the very first drama I have watched where in a secret remains a secret up to the very last episode.

I can’t help but see young Park Shin Hye on Ha Yeon Joo who played Goo Hae Young’s chaebol fiancée.

Ha Yeon Joo as Jung Soo Ah

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