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Yay! Few more chapters left and we’ll catch up in no time. As I was talking about on a previous post, Chapter 18 got Momo in her fancy scarf on the cover. Her earring looks nice as well. I wonder what Momo’s true form looks like if she indeed has one. Hahaha.  I find it strange though that Kero and Yue only wear their earrings when they’re on their true forms.

The chapter starts off with Akiho flipping through the pages of Rika’s Alice in Wonderland popup book. Kaito noted that she seems very fond of that book. Akiho said she likes any book about Alice but this one is really cute. Kaito then asked if she likes it even more than Alice in Timeland (what? So it’s Timeland, now? I wonder which word the official English translation will use) to which Akiho replied she couldn’t compare books like that but Timeland is special.

She then told Kaito that she had another dream. Kaito asked if it’s her usual dreams. Apparently, Akiho was dreaming about Alice for a while now. She said yes and that this time Alice was battling in a place full of sweets. Akiho said she was sure it was because she was remembering what happened in the cooking lab.

And then we learned from Kaito that she also dreamed about Alice getting trapped (Siege) and having trouble with wind (Gale) and water (Aqua). He also mentioned Akiho dreaming about Alice learning how to fly (Flight). To which she added “with a clear ribbon!” Kaito said it would be nice if Alice can keep learning to do many more things. Owiee! What’s this about? All this time, our poor little Sakura is playing their Alice without her knowing it. I wonder what exactly Akiho’s true identity is that she keeps dreaming about Sakura and her encounters with the cards. 

On Kinomoto’s, Sakura asked Kero to come downstairs as Touya already left for yet another part time job. Kero said Yukito told him he had to leave for work too. Sakura noticed their being great text buddies. Kero complained that Yukito always send him delicious looking food when he’s hungry. Lol. Yukito teasing Kero was a gem. >.<

Kero then said he wonders if Touya is alright with having all sorts of part time job and attending school at the same time. Lol. What’s new? Hahaha. Sakura told him their dad had the same sentiment but it seems like Touya’s fine and even getting good grades at the university. Kero then complimented Touya for being hardworking.

All of a sudden, Sakura felt the presence of a card. Before she rushed out of the house, Kero said to wait as he got a phone call to make. And yes, he rang Tomoyo so Sakura could get to wear a new fancy costume. Tomoyo thanked Kero for calling her to which he replied she could thank him by making him a PV (promotional video). Kero really is vain! Hahaha.

But nah, it’s not just Sakura. Syaoran also came wearing one of Tomoyo’s creations. Yay! No more sorry-for-being-late Syaoran for this chapter. We should thank Kero for that. Hahaha. CLAMP really made it up this time as they made our lovely couple wear a matching outfits!

Tomoyo said she heard Syaoran didn’t bring his ceremonial outfit to Japan this time so she made him a new one with its image in mind. Syaoran told her she doesn’t have to make clothes for him too. Hahaha. Tomoyo said it’s because it’s a special occasion to see both Sakura and Syaoran in action! I feel you girl! Go Tomoyo, represent all the CCS fans out there!

Sakura told Syaoran his new outfit suits him and that he looks more grown up somehow. Both of them are blushing much to Tomoyo’s gladness. One of her best shots, indeed! >.<

Scene changes to Touya and Yukito inside a locker room. Might be the same bakery from the previous chapters as Yukito seems to be wearing the same uniform. Yukito asked Touya if he still couldn’t tell him about this thing he mentioned he can do. Touya just replied not yet. Yukito asked that if Touya said he’d know about it when the time comes, does it mean Touya knows when that will be. Yes, I know, the same question we all have in mind. Touya replied he doesn’t know when but when it happens, Yukito will know.

Seems like Yue (like most of us) was pissed off with how lame Touya’s answers were as he immediately transformed. >.< He wanted to confirm if Touya’s power is indeed returning little by little. Yue said even though Touya lost his powers when he sacrificed so he/Yukito won’t disappear, he could still develop new powers as long as he lives or so it seems. Touya replied that he doesn’t get it himself either. Yue asked if Sakura knows about it. Touya said she seems oblivious about it like how it was before. Does this mean Touya possesses moon-based magic like Yue? So maybe Syaoran feeling grumpy about him is our little wolf sensing Touya’s powers.

Yue then asked why Touya wouldn’t tell him about his new powers to which he replied now isn’t the time yet and that’s all there is to it. Yue gave up saying that Touya and Sakura are so much alike that they won’t waver if they already made up their mind. He then transformed back to Yukito. Touya told  Yukito (who’s still in his did-I-just-change mode) that they (Yukito and Yue) are also the same. They both care about Sakura a lot.

Back to Sakura, Tomoyo, Syaoran (sometimes I feel like calling him Li, maybe because it’s shorter >.<) and Kero talking about the Flight card and how Tomoyo had a hard time trying to create a costume that will look great on the ribbon-like wings. Kero mentioned The Fly card and how it took the shape of  a wings as its original form is that of a big bird. Sakura then said among the cards she has now, only Aqua takes the form a bird. So Gale wasn’t supposed to be a bird after all. >.<

Just when they thought about what pairs with water, a big bird on fire appeared before them. Chapter ends.

TLDR; Akiho’s dreams somehow resonate Sakura’s encounters with the cards. Touya won’t still tell Yue/Yukito about his new powers but he also doesn’t know when that time will come. Syaoran got to wear a new battle costume from Tomoyo. Another card appeared in the form of a fire bird!

Counting the new card, Sakura will now have twelve cards (Gale, Seige, Aqua, Action, Flight, Record, Lucid, Spiral, Snooze, Labyrinth, Appear) in hand. In the manga, we have only seventeen Clow cards. I hope clear cards would be greater in number. I mean we still haven’t reached the climax of the story, have we? T.T

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