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Oh my, is it me or the chapters are indeed getting shorter and shorter?

This chapter’s cover features Akiho together with Momo. With our pool of main characters getting larger and larger, I wonder when we will got another SyaoSaku cover. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Akiho and she looks great in this autumn themed cover. I just want more Syaoran x Sakura in colored pages. Hahaha.

Continuing from Chapter 15, Syaoran and Eriol’s phone conversion ended with Eriol saying he’s going to look into Kaito’s matters on his end and Syaoran should contact him anytime if something happens.

Mizuki-sensei asked Eriol if there’s another powerful magician around Sakura again. Eriol replied that whether it’s that person, or her or Eriol himself, those who have incredible magic couldn’t help but gather around Sakura. And that’s because Sakura herself is yet another person with great magic. Judging from Eriol’s words, seems like Kaito appeared before Sakura for her to do him a favor only Sakura could and yes, that would be to secure this new set of cards. As to what for is the thing that is in question.

Since Syaoran declined Sakura’s invitation for dinner, it’s only her and Touya present in the dining table. When asked about school Sakura said English is tough but she’s getting the hang of Math as the teacher’s explanations were easy to understand. Sakura then complimented Touya’s cooking and said the dish tasted a little different from the usual. And yes, my friend, butter is the secret. >.<

The siblings also talked about Fujitaka and how he won’t be able to come home this weekend too. Hmm, Fujitaka does seem to be busier than ever. lol. Anyway, Sakura told Touya that he said it’s okay for her to show his library to Akiho. Touya’s playing the caring brother as he volunteered to move the books a little to the edge so they could reach it. Aw, there, there, Kuya Touya.

Touya’s really being nice tonight, as he did the dishes and even suggested for Sakura to take some cold brew coffee good for two servings (yes, he counted Kero in) upstairs to pair it with the baked goods she got from Yukito.

Sakura told Kero that she got a feeling Touya knows about him. It’s weird that they’re still trying to hide Kero from Touya. Hahaha. I just checked Sakura Card Arc chapters and confirmed that unlike in the anime, Sakura didn’t explicitly state that Touya knows about Kero-chan so I guess, I’ll let it slide, at least for the manga.

Sakura then suddenly got a phone call from Rika. I guess the call ended up with them talking about Akiho and how this new friend of Sakura likes book as the next morning they met up so Rika could lend Sakura the picture book she wanted to show to the new girl. Rika asked Sakura to invite her next time they plan to hang out so she could meet Akiho too. They couldn’t keep each other longer as they both still have to go to school.

Sakura was glad that she was able to see Rika again but Kero (apparently, he’s inside Sakura’s tote bag) couldn’t help but ruin the mood as he informed Sakura that she didn’t bring her apron she’d be needing for her home economics class.  >.<

Poor Sakura, as she, again, sprinted with all her might to the classroom after going back home to get her apron. We then got our daily dose of Tomoyo shipping SyaoSaku as she made Sakura blushes over the idea that she could give Syaoran some of the sweets they’re gonna make later today.

In cooking lab, everyone’s excited to bake cake rolls and they we’re all buzzing about how they would decorate them. Sakura asked Akiho if he’s gonna give it to Kaito. Well, actually, it’s more of a statement than a question. Akiho couldn’t help but blush. When asked about how she is going to decorate her cake, Akiho said she was thinking of using Kaito’s clock as an inspiration. She said he always wears it and it seems really important to him.

When Akiho threw the question right back at Sakura, she said ranshinban would be really difficult so probably something cute but Akiho doesn’t have any idea what ranshinban is. Hahaha. Taking the cake off the topic, is CLAMP suggesting Kaito’s clock is comparable to Syaoran’s ranshinban?

Akiho suggested a Kero-inspired cake but they figured out they would feel bad for him if they eat it as if Akiho knows Kero is a living being. Hahaha. But seriously, feeling bad for a phone chain? On that note, Tomoyo mentioned that seems like Akiho didn’t bring her rabbit which always hanging on her bag today. She said she accidentally snagged its scarf and Kaito’s fixing it. And man, I didn’t noticed until I saw the Chapter 18’s cover but Momo, indeed, is wearing a flashy scarf! Hahaha.

Scene changes to Kaito putting back on Momo’s fixed scarf. And then hello, the supposed to be rabbit plushie talked! Okay, that’s me overacting. Who in the world didn’t see that coming? Momo is a bit mean getting upset with Akiho ruining her precious scarf and calling her scatterbrained.  >.< Kaito said that’s something cute about her. They still haven’t introduced Momo’s voice actor in the anime but it’s gonna be a girl’s voice for her, right? That’d be more fitting with her (let’s go with feminine pronouns in the meantime >.<) queen-like, snobbish attitude.

Momo said it’s really tiring having to pretend as a stuffed toy even in front of Akiho. To comfort her, Kaito offered her some sweets. As early as now, I could imagine Momo having a tea party with the two other sweets-lover, Kero and Spinel. Lol.

Momo then asked Kaito if that time has not come yet. Kaito replied that the cards are coming together and that things are moving towards that time perfectly. Chapter ends.

Owieee. With 20 pages, I thought this is gonna be short but this recap ended up way longer than the previous one. Lol. So we got to know or rather confirmed that Momo’s a living creature. I’m also convinced that Kaito is sort of using Sakura to create/secure this new set of cards. Still have no idea as to what the cards are for though.

I’m wondering what Sakura ended up doing with her cake. Yes, I have read the latest chapters but my memory is failing me. >.< Lol. I remember Akiho’s and her giving it to Kaito, but I’m not sure I read about Sakura giving hers to Syaoran.

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