Yeah, I know. This has been aired eight years ago and I’m still fighting for justice for this drama’s ending. ?

I’m aware that Bae Young Joon had hurt his leg during the last few days of filming as well as the financial issues the production had that time but still, I find it really hard to accept the ending knowing that there’s a better one written for us. (You can read it below.)

Seriously, the original ending makes sense of everything that the one filmed and broadcast has ignored.

The fact that Sujini can put out fire

In Episode 19, the fact that Kiha can’t put out fire but Sujini can was definitely highlighted. We all know that the scene where Cheoro was injured by Kiha’s fire was there to deliberately demonstrate this fact. It doesn’t make sense that it was never used.

The correct way of using the red orb

The scene where Hwanoong teaches Saeoh how to use and control the power of the fire was long enough to give us a hint that it will be referred later on. To end the series referring to a scene that happens at the very beginning wraps up the whole drama with “what-a-well-thought-story” audience reaction.

The poor, nameless little boy

How can they end the series without giving Ajik a name? (Ajik literally means “not yet”, “can’t be named yet” in this context).

The next life

In Episode 21, Sujini mentioned the next life. When she asked Cheoro to look after Damdeok, she said that she will pay him in her next life. And when Cheoro asked that isn’t she the king’s woman, Sujini said that it may be the case in the next life, if she will pray for it everyday. This somehow suggest the last scene in modern day time setting of the original ending.

But I don’t really care about this future thingy. The production can freely omit this part. It is implied that the reincarnation will continue in the future (since it already started in the past). I will already be glad just by showing that Sujini has put out the fire and Damdeok lives and stays by her side! It’s just everything has been unfair to her that she doesn’t deserve not to be happy in the end.


The Legend Episode 24 Original Script Ending

# In the river side

DD: Is that stuff in the cart yours?
SJN: [no response, just looks at DD]
DD: Is the wheel broken? [starts to move towards the cart and just passes by SJN because he can’t bear to touch her yet. He’s filled with such strong feelings that if he doesn’t suppress his words, he doesn’t know what will actually come out.]
DD: You only have to fix this, and then we can go back, right? [lifts the wheel as if it fixes it]
SJN: [watches DD] Please…
DD: [waits for her next words]
SJN: Just think you haven’t seen me. Let me go…
DD: [slowly turns around to look at her]
SJN: Please, let me go…
DD: No, I’m not letting you go again.
SJN: I can’t be by your side.
DD: Why? [unable to control his heart, he starts to get angry]
SJN: Just because… just think that you saw someone who looks like a girl you knew long ago. That you made a mistake… and let me go.
DD: You left me tortured not knowing if you were alive or dead. We’ve finally met, and you don’t even bother to ask me if I’ve been doing well, but instead, ask me to let you leave?
SJN: [can’t even look straight to DD]
DD: You have to at least tell me the reason. Because of whom? Because of what? You should have at least told me that before you left. Why do you do everything on your own? What about the people you left behind?
SJN: [trying to suppress her tears] What was I supposed to do? I couldn’t tell you. I’m not supposed to tell you. It was hard for me too. So please, don’t ask me anymore and let me leave.
DD: [angry with her stubbornness] Fine. If you can’t come to me, then I’ll go to you. I just have to be by your side.
DD: [kicks the wheel so hard that it falls off] You’ll stay here for a bit, right? I’m going to go get my army. From now on, wherever you are is my palace.
DD: [passes by SJN on his way to his horse, stops, and turns around. He grabs SJN into a deep embrace.] Don’t be like this. Whether you become the black jujak, or make an ocean of fire, do it by my side. I will prevent it. If needed, I will even change fate for you.
SJN: [ultimately cries and hugs DD tightly]
DD: [feeling SJN’s presence in his arms, begins to relax] Things like heaven’s purpose… I’m going to think about that right before I die. So you don’t have to leave. [hugs SJN even more tightly]

DD moves his base of operations to the small eatery that SJN operated in the village. and JMC, HG, Cheoro and General Go come too.

# Inside the village (night)

SJN is carrying warm water, with a towel draped over her arm. She sees DD and the child playing beneath the torchlight. They are looking at a map and talking together.

DD: That’s right. There’s the palace. Wow, you’re pretty amazing. You heard it once and you can already remember?
DD: [turns around and smiles at SJN] So his name is Ajik?
SJN: Yes, it is Ajik.
AJ: It’s Ajik because we can’t decide on my name yet.
DD: [laughs] What’s with that?
AJ: I’m serious…
SJN: [puts down the bowl of water on the table] Please wash. The water is warm.
DD: So he is your sister’s child?
SJN: Yes.
DD: If it’s your sister…is it someone you met while you were roaming around? [realizing he’s speaking in front of the child] Am I not supposed to ask?
DD: [takes the towel, dampens it, and begins to wash the child’s face] You’re a troublemaker, aren’t you?
AJ: No, I’m a good kid.
DD: Look at the dirt on your face.
SJN: [watching the two of them, feels like tears are about to come]
DD: Your aunt, does she still drink a lot?
AJ: My aunt can’t drink. Not even one drop.
DD: [surprised, turns to look at SJN]
SJN: [looks elsewhere]
DD: [continues washing AJ’s face] Did you stop drinking the liquor that you love so much because you were afraid that if you get drunk, you would fall into a deep sleep, and get caught by me?
SJN: [cannot answer]
DD: [to Ajik] Ok, all done. So where do you sleep?
AJ: [runs to SJN and hugs her legs] Beside my aunt!
DD: [laughs] That’s a bit inconvenient. There are many people waiting for your aunt… and there is the great Goguryo army, too…
DD: [points to a wrapped package] Open it. Bason made you an armor. I carried it for years to give to you when I saw you again.
SJN: Ajik, can you go to the room first? I’ll follow shortly.
AJ: Yes. [waves his hand at DD and goes inside]
DD: That child doesn’t have any fear. I have so much fear that I couldn’t say what I have to say, or hold onto people I have to hold on to.
SJN: King with a lot of fear, can I ask you for two favors?
DD: I’m a merchant king. Let me hear first what they are before I answer.
SJN: That child…please have guards put on him.
DD: I’ll put my own guard on him.
SJN: And please promise me. When the time comes, don’t hesitate.
DD: [looks at SJN] I promise. I won’t hesitate. But I’m going to do it on my own way. Not the way the heavens want it done but in a way that I can accept.
SJN: Then, I will remain by your side as part of your guard.
DD: [his face falling…opens his mouth to speak but they are interrupted when JMC comes to tell them that Hogae’s army has been killing their people…]
DD: [goes toward the exit but on his way, stops by SJN, grabs and hugs her with one arm] Bring the child and follow me. You’re safest by my side right now.

# Outside Ajik’s room

There are guards posted in front of the room. SJN comes out and sees Cheoro sitting there.

SJN: What are you doing there?
CR: I’m on guard.
SJN: [laughs]

# Another part of the palace

SJN is filled with growing dread. CR sees her distress and turns to look.

# Sujini and Ajik’s room

AJ: [waken from sleep] Hello, sir.
Gam Dong: I was told to bring you.
AJ: By my aunt?
GD: Let’s go. [lifts AJ in his arms]

SJN feels something is wrong and runs toward Ajik’s room with CR following her.

# In front of Ajik’s room

Guard: They already took the child.
SJN: No!
Guard: Lt. Gam Dong came to take him. He said you told him to bring him.
SJN: No! [runs outside but CR grabs her arm]
CR: [to the guards] Go and search. Hurry!
SJN: The child is in danger.
CR: He’s probably around here somewhere.
SJN: Hwachun has taken him. Please release me!
DD: [arrives at the scene] Why Hwachun? What are you talking about?
SJN: [tries to run past DD but he grabs her] The child…we have to find him.
DD: Why would Hwachun take the child?
SJN: The child…the child…

SJN can’t speak anymore and turns away from DD’s gaze. DD looks at her, concerned.

DD: What’s wrong with you?

General Go finds the letter Hwachun left behind and gives it to DD.

DD: This is addressed to me. Jyooshin King’s son…[looks at the letter again] Here. It says that they took the son of the King of Jyooshin. And that I need to come personally if I want to save his young heart.
SJN: [is unsteady and backs away a bit. CR is about to step forward but stops]
DD: But I’m the Jyooshiin King. At least, that’s what I know. What is this?
SJN: I was afraid that it would turn out like this, so I couldn’t tell you. I was afraid that it would turn out like this, so I ran away.
DD: I asked you what this means.
SJN: Ajik is your son and my sister’s son.

# In the meeting room

[SJN sits at the table, head down, shoulders slumped. DD stands by the window, his back to her].

DD: (filled with pain) This whole time…you’ve been protecting that child? My child? All by yourself?
SJN: (eyes filled with tears)
DD: (eyes filled with tears) What am I supposed to say…to you? What words am I supposed to say?

# In front of Taewang’s Army

DD: They have many, while we have little. But we will definitely win. Why? Because we are all Jyooshin’s children and we don’t know how to lose! I’m going to be in the front. Don’t lose me and just run.

# Battle

Cheoreo and Jumochi were acting as cover for Damdeok as the latter raced towards Abullansa. DD asked SJN to go ahead and save AJ. General Heuk Ge cleared the way for SJN and ended up losing his life. The battle is much longer and vivid than what was aired. Ho Gae got injured on his shoulder and wielded his spear with another hand. DD witnessed General Go dies. Out of anger, he threw a spear towards Ho Gae chest which killed the target instantly. Dying Ho Gae asked DD to save KH and calls him an old friend.

# Abullansa

Dae Jang Ryo had no chance of killing AJ who had the blood line of the heavenly god and mother earth. Dae Jang Ryo eventually manages to cut AJ’s fingers and the blood awakens the four symbols which made the owners stronger and more powerful fighters.

[This part is basically similar to what was aired. DD managed to head to Abullansa and killed Dae Jang Ro. KH is on her way to turning into the Black Jujak.]

DD: Kiha. [turns and looks at KH, who has apparently lost consciousness] Please, stop now.
DD: [picks up the bow, and with tears in his eyes, pulls back the string to release the arrow. Stops, and puts down the bow]
SJN: [from behind DD] Please, stop my sister before it’s too late.
DD: [turns around to look at SJN, who, carrying the child in her arms, looks at him imploringly] Is this supposed to be it? Wait 2000 years to gather all the gods who are activated by the blood of the Jyooshin King…and all I can do is kill the mother of my child?
SJN: The world is going to become an ocean of fire. Stop my sister before she commits a bigger sin. Please.
DD: [looks at SJN with a sorrowful face before turning to look at KH] If we’re talking about sins, I sinned too. I didn’t believe you. I have to say this to the heavens—this is being human. Regretting the things that you do wrong, and learning the things you don’t understand—that’s being human. Yes, now I understand.
DD: [holding the bow handle in both hands, breaks it and throws it behind him] KH, don’t you understand? Heaven is asking us whether or not we can stand on our own, or if heaven has to guide us with its power.

The pieces of the bow disintegrate suddenly. KH turns toward DD and stares in his direction with unseeing eyes.

DD: Heaven never chose us. We are the ones who chose heaven.

The Baekho (White Tiger) relic disintegrates. At that moment, DD feels the effects and wavers on his feet.

JMC, still fighting, throws up blood and falls down. Cheoro sees from far away. JMC uses his ax as a crutch and supports himself.

DD: The answer to the question was the Jyooshin King.That’s what the Jyooshin King was supposed to do.

The Chungryong (Blue Dragon) relic disintegrates. DD stumbles. SJN looks frantically between the relics and DD. She knows that every time a relic disintegrates, DD sustains a wound. Blood drips from DD’s ear.

Cheoro stops and feels the pain. He wavers. The Hwachun soldier next to him takes the opportunity and swings his sword. Cheoro’s arm gets cut and blood spurts out. He drops his spear.

SJN: [screams desperately] Please stop, unni! If all the relics disintegrate, the King will die. Please. Help him. Stop.
DD: [blood drips from DD’s mouth] This is my answer. I find that I must return heaven’s power to Heaven. I’ll also send the Jujak’s power too. So… you’re going to be ok, now. I’ve answered everything.

The Hyunmoo (Turtle Snake) relic disintegrates. DD falls to one knee, but manages to withstand it.

Hyungo collapses as if he felt a huge shock.

KH looks tenderly at SJN. SJN looks back. Only SJN can hear the words from KH’s heart.

KH: My little sibling, put me out.

SJN looks at her crying.

KH: This is what I want. Help me.

The red Jujak jade starts to glow, like all the other relics started to glow before they disintegrated. It starts to rise in mid-air.

SJN’s hair is tossed all over the place by the wind created by her power. The red Jujak relic flies into SJN’s hand. She holds the Jujak relic to her chest (like how Hwangwoong taught Saeoh previously), and the light emanating from SJN lights up the whole area. The flames that had been burning start going out. The light envelops DD, and DD, whose breath had slowing, raises his head.

KH looks at the child, who is lying peacefully on SJN’s lap. DD looks at KH. KH looks at DD and smiles. Suddenly, KH starts to disappear. When the fire is put out by the white light, it disappears.

DD stands up before the disappearing KH, and we see his silhouette. The unconscious child opens his eyes from the brightness and turns to look at DD. SJN looks at DD. SJN still clasps the glowing Jujak relic in her hand, which did not break but remains intact.

(The scene fades on DD’s silhouette.)

(At this point, there’s a narration in Hyungo’s voice, about what is written on the stele of Gwang Gae To.)

CR, JMC and the Hwachun soldiers they were fighting with, cover their eyes from the bright light and look to the sky. The darkness lifts, and a clear sky/bright sun shines through.

Hyungo lifts his head and sees the blinding light, as do as his surrounding Gomool people compatriots.

(Hyungo’s voice over narration continues.)

# Back in Goguryo – on the street

We see people talking and moving around. Among them, we see CR walking and holding his spear to his chest. Passing underneath a bridge path, he feels something and smiles widely, while stepping quickly to the side. JMC, who had been waiting on top of the bridge platform to attack, jumps in. CR ducks and doesn’t want to fight at all. CR tosses a big container at JMC, who, after tossing the container away, discovers that CR isn’t there anymore. JMC complains to himself.

(Voice over continues.)

# In the barracks

The arrow-wielding troops are gather around, shouting and cheering on something in the middle. There is a liquor-drinking contest going on. SJN, wearing armor, is having a contest with another soldier. They are drinking from big bowls of alcohol, surrounded by empty bowls. SJN, having finished her bowl first, holds it above her head to show that it is empty and sets it down with a thump (now showing her real self.) Her opponent is still drinking. After a while, he falls over in that position. SJN won. Her cheering fans let out a big yell, and SJN pounds her chest while grinning.

(Narration continues.)

# Training area

The young AJ (whose name is now Guh Ryun), uses all his strength to swing his sword as he attacks his opponent.

(More narration, important part of which: The King wanted 100 years of peace. The years following the 100 years would also belong to the people.)

Only then do we see who Guh Ryun’s opponent. It’s DD. Laughing, he is being his training partner. From the side, an aged General Go watches, also laughing. DD grabs Guh Ryun’s wrist as he makes a final attack, and brings him in for a hug. It’s clear that he really loves him.

(More narration: But at the age of 39, the King left the world. His son, King Jangsu, spread his father’s land even more widely and for 100 years, peace reigned.)

# Airport (modern times)

Little SJN and Hyungo come out of the airport and they’re talking about King Gwang Gae To. They are on a trip to China to see where the Goguryo was and to visit the monument of the queen of King Gwang Gae To.

A tour guide was explaining about the Chinese Main Land. The Chinese government forbids them to touch the monument.

SJN: It was ours in the first place.
HG: Be quiet.

On the side, short haired CR can be seen. There’s also Hogae wearing his nice suit grabbing a taxi. In the crowd somewhere, where could be the King of Jyooshin?


source: Song Ji Na’s blog; English translation retrieved from soompi (posted by icesiren and cristina) and

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