Alright! Reviewing a newly added drama to my long list of watched Asianovelas.

Can’t Lose (Courtesy of SBS)

I really haven’t heard of this drama before. I was just looking for something light and funny and bumped into this 2011 series. With Oska from Secret Garden and quite popular Endless Love II Winter Sonata‘s female protagonist, I decided to give it a shot. Well,  actually, I don’t know why but I seem to be fond of marriage-divorce-marriage story, lately. (I did enjoy Cunning Single Lady and Emergency Couple, to name some).

Can’t Lose is a bit different from these two since the timeline started when they are still together. We also witnessed their tiresome divorce process given the lawyer leads (who can’t bear to lose whether in court or in a childish argument, hence, the odd title).

When I first watched this series, as I was so eager to see the ending, I did skip some scenes (well, a lot), which I highly regretted. Watching the drama for the second time (no skips this time) made me realized that I missed a lot of the side story that contributes to the series’ over-all appeal. I love how I grow to like each of the characters (same when I was watching Dal Ja’s Spring before).

It made me laugh and cry. Seriously, I cried while watching this scene (can’t remember the last time I did because of a series).

It was just so sad. Having no where to go to, having no one to call on. And then he said, “You should have called me.” Aw.

And wait, they’ve mentioned Queen Seon Deok and Bidam. Haha. Lol. Can’t imagine how popular Bidam was that a character from a 2009 drama will be referenced in another series two years later. (Don’t mind me, I’m just a Bideok freak who can’t get over my QSD days. Haha.)

As what I was looking for, this Korean drama is indeed light and funny. But not just that. Can’t Lose is a drama with a heart. It may not be that great but still, there’s this rewarding feeling after watching those 18 quite lengthy (1 hr and 5 min on the avg.) episodes.

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