Oh yeah, just finished yet another series a couple of days ago. Yes, I know, Cyrano Dating Agency isn’t a new drama. I just happened to watch it when I was looking for a filler, last year. I streamed few episodes on YouTube but got bored afterwards. But since my 2015 goal is to finish (hopefully) all that I’ve started, I revisited this drama to finally include it in my long list of watched Asianovelas. Thanks to a friend who shared her copy with me. (I actually got a LOT of drama and anime series from her, more than enough for a year supply. Haha.)

Cyrano Dating Agency (Courtesy of tvN)

The drama features a dating agency that accommodate “clients” who aren’t that fortunate when it comes to love. It’s basically “the place that magically makes your love come true.”

Its being episodal makes it less boring. You came to know a different story every two to three episodes while the main thing develops in the background.

It’s just hmmmm… I don’t find anything intriguing about this drama (though Master is quite mysterious). It’s just that I didn’t feel attach to any of the characters. I actually, can’t remember their names anymore. Haha.

I think I find the client’s short love stories more fun and cute than the agency members’. Haha. I kind of anticipate their tactics for each case, at least. My favorite is the chef couple. 🙂 I think it’s the longest too.

Kyeopta. Haha.

I didn’t expect anything for this series (it’s not even famous whatsoever) so I didn’t get disappointed. And come to think of it, maybe it’s a little bit more than deserving to be a filler. I haven’t seen the original movie but I heard some good reviews about it. I’m not planning to watch it though (unless, someone give me a copy) ’cause I’m not much fond of the lead guys.

Anyway, when will I see another female lead metanoia? For about a sec, during this scene, I got this kind of hint that she realized how cool Master was and how he cares for her so she’s gonna choose him at the end. But yeah, it’s not that. Hope to watch a series soon in which the supposed-to-be-second-male-lead wins the girl (which is very rare in the dramaland).

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