Just saw its trailer yesterday on GMA. Yes, this coming July, the local TV channel will air the series. The two leads are being promoted as the ones from I Hear Your Voice (Lee Jong Suk) and Stairway to Heaven (Park Shin Hye). It made me realized that all of Shin Hye’s recent dramas (e.g. Heartstrings, The Heirs) were aired on ABS-CBN.

Pinocchio (Courtesy of SBS)

The series is about Ki Ha Myung who lived as a different person under the name of Choi Dal Po after a tragic accident that made him lose both of his parents. He then met, Choi In Ha, an inspiring reporter who happens to be a Pinocchio (someone who can’t help but hiccups when telling a lie or even when not being true to one’s self).

Is it just me or dramas set in the broadcasting industry with reporter/news anchor leads are becoming the trend these days?

Basically, the story revolves on unveiling the hidden bits of facts about the accident and how it binds our leads and the people around them.

I can say this drama is actually a breakthrough for Park Shin Hye. Just the right time to make up for The Heirs’ flop. Lee Jong Suk, on the other hand, like Joo Won, is one of the few actors who most of the time, got the good dramas out there. Well, maybe, it’s the acting skills. And I can say, Pinocchio can be lined up to the list of good Lee Jong Suk’s projects. With a solid plot to start with, the drama has become a success.

While watching this series, I came to like everyone. Lee Yu Bi became an actress to watch for. Gahh, she’s so funny. She played Yoon Yu Rae, Dal Po’s colleague in the broadcasting company, YGN. On the other hand, In Ha and another intern who completes the square, Seo Beom Jo work for the competitor company, MSC.

Remember this guy from Emergency Couple? From a passionate doctor, he became a dedicated journalist. I guess he really looks like someone who has passion in his profession. He always act as the respectable senior to guide our drama leads. Haha.

Oh, just remembered this little girl as well. Doesn’t she look familiar? Well, her voice is so I did some research. It was really surprising to know that she’s Hae Pung, Hae Sung’s younger sister from Dream High 2.

No Ui Jung in Pinocchio (left) and Dream High 2 (right)

After three years, this girl really did bloom beautifully.

Finally, I can’t end this post without mentioning Ki Jae Myung, Ha Myung’s older brother. Who else cries “No, don’t be bad. Don’t be a murderer!” while watching him in the series? He’s another actor to look forward to.

There’s this thing about dramas with a thrilling plot, though. You won’t likely to watch them for the second time (since you already know the secrets behind the big mystery). This kind of drama is the one you enjoyed on its course but won’t likely revisited later. Nonetheless, Pinocchio is the kind of series that every drama addict should see.

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