As expected, because it is a Lee Min Ho drama, The Heirs also known as He Who Wears the Crown, Bears It is currently airing on ABS-CBN. My friend even jokingly said that Lee Min Ho has unwritten exclusively contract with ABS. ?

The Heirs (Courtesy of SBS)

I’ve finished this drama December last year. I was anticipating this series together with Marry Him If You Dare. I read the Wiki page of this drama before it started airing, and surprisingly, reading it gave me more information about the characters than watching the drama itself. Lol. It seems like the characters were already built up even before the drama had started airing. But isn’t it more fun to discover the characters as you engage yourself in watching? Haha. It’s not a good thing for me, really. Maybe they did it because The Heirs has a pretty big cast, too big to portray each of the characters well.

Kim Tan (Ryan Kim) and Cha Eun Sang (Julia Cha)

It is a typical poor girl-rich guy story. School where only rich kids can attend to but in some way the poor heroine managed to get in, handsome guys (the rich guy protagonist included) who rule the campus, it sounds so Meteor Garden to me.

The Heirs (Courtesy of SBS)

This series is indeed one of the most anticipated Korean drama of 2013. Well, Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye joined by CN Blue’s drummer cutie Minhyuk, and f(x)’s Krystal with also quite popular cast from To the Beautiful You, I can’t blame anyone. Unfortunately, most of those anticipations turned to disappointments. Well, I’m not saying it is that bad. It just fails to the have that x-factor to be lined up to other great Korean dramas.

First, after City Hunter and Faith, it’s awkward to see Lee Min Ho portraying a high school student who is almost ten years younger than his age. The same thing applies for Park Shin Hye. Second, wow, daebak! They grew to like each other within a snap, just a blink of an eye, indeed. (Well, you already know how I find it hard to support a love team that is already solid from the start.) Third, the story itself. I do like Korean dramas because of its unpredictable story line. Twists and turns, I love that. That’s why it’s really disappointing to see that bland story of The Heirs.

Kim Tan’s House in California

I managed to enjoy the first episodes because of Kim Tan’s house that I really like and all his Hollywood adventures with Cha Eun Sang. I managed to continue and finish the series mainly because of the supporting characters. And I did quite enjoy the love trio because of Choi Young Do. You know that second male lead syndrome. Well, this drama still have some good things to write about.

Dreamcatcher in The Heirs

Dreamcatchers have become popular in the Philippines because of this series. I’ve also read comments like “It’s the best drama ever”, “My no. 1 Korean drama”, etc., die-hard Lee Min Ho fans, I guess. Haha. But you can always find posts saying otherwise – that it is not good and just got a little better because they are fans of Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho. Actually, I don’t know if it’s overrated or not.  Nonetheless, I can pretty say that ABS-CBN got overboard by advertising it as the No. 1 Korean drama of all time. Lol. WHAT? Haha.

If you’re a teenager, typical high school student who dreams of her own Cinderella story, I can say it’s your drama. If you’re a Kdrama addict who have watched tons of dramas before and is looking for real drama, there are other good ones out there for you.

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