I’d feel regretful… and maybe even sad. I’d be losing my best friend… I wonder if you know that I feel regretful even now.

– Damdeok, The Legend Episode 18

Just let me write my thoughts about this one, once and for all. I have been reading a lot of opinions about what Damdeok really wants to convey when he said these words to Sujini after being asked if he was annoyed when General Heuk Gae told him that he was going to adopt her. I don’t know if it’s true but I’ve even read that Bae Young Joon had to retake this scene because he didn’t quite understand himself (or rather Damdeok) either.

“I’d feel regretful…and maybe even sad. I’d be losing my best friend.”


Damdeok treats Sujini as his best friend, the person he trusts the most and is willing to accompany him anytime even in battle. He would feel regretful when she becomes the daughter of Heuk Gae and later the queen of Goguryeo because she will have to deal with politics in Gook Nae Castle. She won’t be able to be beside him anywhere he goes. He will be losing his best friend.

“I wonder if you know that I feel regretful even now.”


Damdeok is implying that even if it’s like that, he also feels regretful that Sujini refused to be adopted (i.e. refused to be his wife). He didn’t want to keep her inside the castle to deal with politics but did want her to be his wife (woman).

That’s it for me. As simple as that. To quote a blogger who has the same thoughts, “he didn’t want a queen but a best friend (yet a king’s woman).”

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