After four years, Fuji TV will air a new version of Hanazakari no Kimitachi E Ikemen Paradise tomorrow, July 10, 2011. It’s a remake, not a sequel of the first one. They’re going to retell the story with a whole new cast.
A lot of HK fans were saddened by this news. They are hoping for a second season not a new version. Even the story is already finished, it’s normal for a fan to hope for a continuation or extension of his/her fandom.  Some even dislike the idea of having a Hana-Kimi 2011.

Hana-Kimi 2011
Hana Kimi 2011

 Others said that Fuji TV got the idea of remaking Hana-Kimi after  SM Entertainment announced that they’re going to produce a Korean version of the series. Compared with Beautiful You (Hana-Kimi Korean), Hana-Kimi Japan 2011 received many negative impressions.

Because four years is too short to forget Hana-Kimi Japan 2007’s funny scenes and awesome episodes, comparison is definitely unavoidable. Many believed that no one can portray their favorite character Nakatsu as amazing as Ikuta Toma did it.

Hana Kimi 2007 (left) and Hana Kimi 2011 (right)
The first thing I noticed after seeing a picture of the new cast was the logo of Ohsaka High. Why did they change its shape into a star? I wonder if it’s one of the reason why they call it a “kiddie” version of Hana-Kimi. In the teaser, there’s also a scene where the cast are playing baseball. I think instead of a marathon like in the 2007  version it will be a baseball accident that may knock down Ashiya. Aside from that and some small details, I think it ‘copied’ Hana-Kimi Japan 2007. It has the same soundtracks and costumes (except for the logo and the length of the school uniform tie, the 2011’s a little longer). Even the facial expressions are alike. About the voices, I think the new Ashiya’s is too feminine, not suitable for the role.
At first, I thought “it’s still HK, anyway”. However, after I saw the trailer, why do I feel a sense of bitterness and loneliness at the same time? Maybe I was longing for Hana-Kimi. I kinda miss it.

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