I can’t prevent myself to blog about this lovely couple. They’re so cute together. And they do have a good “chemistry”.
They’re from the Korean drama series, Dream High. They are Suzy Bae and Kim Soo Hyun. Actually, I really like their love team in the said drama. I was fascinated by their scenes. Those moments really touched and sometimes even broke my heart.
Soo Hyun played the role of Song Sam Dong while Suzy portrayed a girl named Go Hye Mi. I love Sam Dong’s character. He’s a perfect gentleman, very caring and thoughtful.

Sam Dong and Hye Mi
While watching Dream High, I already accepted the fact that Sam Dong is just a second character who will just intervene the main love team. I was so sorry for him ’cause I really felt his sincerity and love for Hye Mi. But I think I underestimated this Korean drama’s twists and turns. Hye Mi realized in the end that she already fell in love with Sam Dong and she can’t help it. I don’t know but I was so happy as if I was Sam Dong himself.

A picture of HyunZy from Suzy’s twitter
This two also share a strong friendship in real life. Since Dream High is Suzy’s first TV drama, Soo Hyun always helps her to improve her acting abilities which I found really cute.  Suzy even shared a photo of her and Soo Hyun in her twitter account. Oh, how nice.

Soo Hyun and Suzy
Their love team is called  HyunZy (Soo Hyun + Suzy), SamMi  (Sam Dong + Hye Mi) and my favorite of the three, the flower couple. Maybe this title is given to them because of their fresh and blooming looks like that of a flower. Fresh, since both of them first played a lead role in the said drama.

Soo Hyun and Suzy in 16th Goyang Flower Festival

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