I’ve never felt so frustrated and injusticized (is this even a valid English word?) like ever before! I was literally crying and boiling in anger together with the female lead through the course of the series.

Angry Mom (Courtesy of MBC)

I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews about this drama but I never had the chance to watch it until last February. And I’m so glad I did free some of my time and finally gave it a go.

The series features Jo Kang Ja, a mom to a senior high school student. Her daughter, Oh Ah Ran keeps on getting bullied in school because she befriends an outcast, “troublemaker” classmate. Ah Ran doesn’t really want to talk to her about school matters. Knowing her mom doesn’t have the power to do anything about it, she just usually shrugged her questions off and pretended that everything’s okay.

The whole thing gets worse until comes to the point when Ah Ran, injured and bleeding, just barely managed to get home. Kang Ja can’t just let this pass. (She’s known as someone who can’t stand injustice.) To protect Ah Ran, with the help of an old friend, who’s pretty well-off now, running her own bar, Kang Ja pretended as a 19-year old high school student and enrolled in her daughter’s school.

At first, I thought the story will focus on how this bratty, arrogant girl learns to appreciate her mom more. I was like “Hey dude, this drama’s for you. You and Kim Yoo Jung’s character here are so much alike” to my spoiled younger sister. But it’s definitely more than that. It’s more deeper. It’s more heart.

At first, you continue watching because of curiosity. And when you see the mystery solved before your eyes, you won’t stop watching episode after episode until you see those must-go-to-hell villains pay the price of their wrongdoings. Seriously, I was never been that mad watching dramas before. I almost wanted to hammer my laptop screen to crush their faces. Hahahaha. Jo Kang Ja has all the rights to be angry.

I love the development of the characters, especially Go Bok Dong. Him, liking Kang Ja, believing she really is a high school student was so freaking cute and funny. Who knows that I’ll grow fond of the characters that I despised the most at the beginning of the series?

I also saw another side of Ji Hyun Woo in this drama. Before, I never considered him as a great actor as his performance in Queen In Hyun’s Man is a bit too stiff. This series proved that he can do a lot better than that.

Unlike many Korean dramas, the series isn’t more on the romantic side but it was good enough that no one complains for its lack of romance. It’s a warming drama that will make you laugh, cry, and yeah, angry. It’s packed up with lessons that I think it’s a must-watch drama that I would recommend to anyone.

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