Like how Cardcaptor Sakura will always be my favorite anime of all time, Sakura and Syaoran will always be my favorite love team of all time, maybe not just anime love team but really, my overall favorite love team among those of other animes, dramas, books and all other fiction works.

The two are just so lovely. From plain strangers to rivals to allies to friends to lovers, they’re just freaking awesome.

Yes, Sakura got the title role and I do love her (she’s like one of the cutest magical girls in the anime land) but surely, most of this love team credits go to Syaoran and the development of his character. Syaoran is like any grader’s knight in shining armor. He can be really childish and funny but serious and caring at the same time. Hahaha.

These Syaoran’s denial stage are priceless…

And who doesn’t love these little jelly moments of him when Sakura and Eriol are together.

And all of these failed confessions…

And yes, don’t even try to deny it. I know all of us cried together with them at this scene. Syaoran is hurting more seeing her cries. :'(

The thing I like about CCS is it’s young. Sakura and Syaoran’s love is so innocent and pure. It doesn’t need a lot of skinship to be moved and captivated by their story. This sounds like so fangirl-ish but CCS fans will understand. Hahaha.


It’s funny that it feels like I wrote this post entirely for the purpose of spamming you (and myself) of these beautiful Syaoran and Sakura screencaps. 

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