At first, I thought this is a live-action of the animated series Oh My Goddess. And I was totally wrong. Lol. Should’ve have realized that goddess and ghostess, though may be related in a way that they’re both supernatural beings, are two entirely different things. Lol.

Oh My Ghostess (Courtesy of tvN)

Oh My Ghostess is like The Master’s Sun plus, put aside the boy pretense, Coffee Prince. It features Na Bong Sun who just like, Tae Gong Sil, sees ghost. She has a weak personality that spirits find her easy to possess. She works as an assistant chef in a restaurant.

Meanwhile, Shin Soon Ae is a ghost who’s still wandering around on earth to resolve what she believes her virgin grudge. She lost memories of her living and doesn’t even know how she died.

Both of their lives dramatically changed as Shin Soon Ae started to possess Na Bong Sun. At first, it was against Bong Sun’s will as according to her grandmother, Soon Ae might take over her body forever. But since she wanted to get closer to her boss, Chef Kang Sun Woo whom she has a crush on even before she started working in his restaurant, the two came up with an agreement. Bong Sun will help Soon Ae solve her grudge as Soon Ae helps her to get close to Sun Woo.

It turned out that Soon Ae’s grudge is to actually uncover the mystery of her death which involves people around Sun Woo.

Since Discovery of Love, it’s my second time to see a drama starring Kim Seul Gie. And I just recently watched Splash Splash Love. I don’t know but when she’s there I know already that it’ll be a super funny drama. Hahaha. She can easily pull off all that comedic stunts.

As for Jo Jung Suk, I first saw him in the movie My Bride, My Love but it was only when I watch this series that I started to notice that he kinds of resemble Gong Yoo. I don’t know if it’s only because Coffee Prince‘s Choi Han Gyul is so much like Kang Sun Woo. Hahaha,

The drama is good. It is romance plus comedy with the mystery/horror twist. You’ll find yourself hanging ’till the ending. The pace is perfect that each of the episodes contributes to solving the big puzzle.

Oh My Ghostess may not really be that great of a drama but I do think it’s still a feel-good series that worth some of your time watching. A thumbs up for tvN. They really are putting more effort to produce good drama series these past two years.

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