My Little Bride is definitely my favorite among all the Korean movies I’ve watched.

My Little Bride

This is the one that started my Asian movie cravings. I know the story is a little bit cliche already but I do like it. It also reminds me of the Korean drama series Sweet 18.

The Wedding

Actually I watched this film because of Moon Geun Young (though that time I still didn’t know her real name, she was just referred by me as the “young Jenny” from Endless Love I – Autumn in My Heart) . I think that time she looks so cute and innocent. And I really enjoyed watching her in Endless Love. Now, Geun Young is already playing lead roles in different korean dramas like Cinderella Sisters and Mary Stayed Out All the Night.

The movie is about an arranged marriage between Bea Su and Simon Park (I used their Filipino names). Bea is just a 17-year-old (16 in the original Korean – not Tagalog dubbed version) high school student (which you can easily guess from the movie title itself). She has a crush on a baseball player who attends the same school as her. The marriage was kept as a secret in her school due to the influence of her grandfather who was once a military officer. Having her secret kept, she started dating with her crush.
Like my favorite Thai movie A Little Thing Called Love, this one has a complete story also. The scenes are so funny. I can’t help but laugh even when I watched it for the second time already. I highly recommend this movie especially when you’re looking for a rated chick flick one.
My Favorite Scene
Actually, my favorite scene will be the one that touched me the first time I saw this movie. It’s the mural. My favorite scene is when Bea saw the big mural finished by Simon and some of his colleagues. The painting was artistically done and it illustrates their childhood. It’s full of memories, sweet ones.
My Favorite Scene
My Favorite Lines
Actually, my favorite lines from the movie come after my favorite scene. This was when the secret that they were married was uncovered by the irritating group of girls from Bea’s school. The so-called leader of the said group interrupted Simon’s speech during the school festival, announcing that Simon is already married to a high school student who happened to be Bea Su. Simon defended Bea so she can be free from prejudices and all.
“Correct. We are married… but Bea had no choice. The only crime she committed was granting his sick grandfather’s last wish. It was against her will to marry me. She may be married, but she’s still a high school girl. She goes crazy over a bowl of chili and spaghetti. She loves cute stars and sushi-loving, attractive baseball players. Everyday, she’s stressed over exams and applying to university. I hope you won’t persecute Bea’s school life over a marriage document. I beg you all.”
I love the way Simon defined Bea as a high school student. Well, aside from the thing about baseball players and the age, he perfectly described me when I was still in high school. Since I was still in my junior year and technically a high school student the first time I saw this movie, I can see myself in Bea. Anyway, going back to the movie, Bea went up the stage and answered him with this.

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