Warning: Can be really frustrating if you back the wrong horse! Hahaha.

I finished this drama early this year. I watched it together with my little sis. We’re looking for something funny and light and bumped to this one.

Discovery of Love (Courtesy of KBS)

When I saw the first episode I was like ‘Oh same setup with Producers where the leads are in a some sort of reality show getting interviewed and such. It starts off with Han Yeo Reum and Kang Tae Ha narrating their past 5-year relationship as each other’s first love and how they broke up.

Kang Tae Ha remained single all these years. He felt like he have become a damage good in dating that he has never come to like anyone as much as he liked Yeo Reum. On the other, Han Yeo Reum is currently dating Nam Ha Jin, a gentle and sweet plastic surgeon. Yeo Reum said that she learned a lot from her past relationship that now she knows how to take the upper hand in dating. This time, she doesn’t want to be the one to love more.

The past lovers accidentally met again. Kang Tae Ha, being the CEO of an interior design company, proposed a project to collaborate with Summer & Pines, Yeo Reum and her friend, Sol’s wood furniture shop. Yeo Reum accepted the proposal.

Basically, the story goes on as they reevaluate their past, thinking what did go wrong in their relationship. Yeo Reum’s relationship with Ha Jin started to get rocky with Tae Ha’s involvement. But I can say it’s an up and down thing. Sometimes I do believe she loves him, but there are times I don’t. Things worsen when she has to share Ha Jin’s time and attention to Ahn Ah Rim, Ha Jin’s younger sister (not by blood though, if I remember it correctly) who was left in the orphanage after Ha Jin was adopted.

Okay, I know. I love dramas where the two leads get back together after they broke up years ago. These include dramas featuring divorced couple such as Cunning Single Lady, Emergency Couple and Can’t Lose which I really do like. But no, not this time. Those series already proved that there’s always a second chance. This time, let Discovery of Love shows that people can also find true love and happiness with somebody new after a failed relationship. Hahaha. It’s not that I like Soon Jung whatsoever but Ha Jin is really one pitiful soul. He’s just too kind and innocent to deserve all this.

I know from the very start that Ha Jin is no more than a second male lead but please, this drama keeps on teasing me, giving false hope to the viewers till the very last episode. I was like fine go with Tae Ha. I don’t care anymore and then you’ll see this scene. I was like:

No, I know. It’s just his imagination.
You guys can’t fool me…
No. No. This is too long to be just an illusion. This might be real… 
Crap! It’s the damn pillow. I knew it! 

Indeed, Kdramas know how to piss me off. In The Time We Were Not In Love where I’m badly rooting for the ex, they make the girl choose her best friend instead. Here, where I want the female lead to be with her current boyfriend, she ended up with her ex. Really!

Anyway, I love Yeo Reum and Sol’s work studio that I even became interested in woodcraft. Well, not quite but yeah, somehow. I also want a place like this where I can just paint, hang my photographs and sip a cup of hot choco.

Another thing I like is the drama’s OST. It’s All About You by Darelle London is a really cute and feel-good song. I don’t mind listening to it over and over again.

All in all, Discovery of Love is good. It’s cute. It’s funny. It’s nice (just don’t ship the couple below that much). Well, I really do like summer dramas a lot. Summer dramas have this light and cool feels where every scene seems to be a lot brighter and pleasing to the eyes.

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