I know right. One No Min Woo drama after another. That was purely coincidental. I was watching Korean drama OST piano tutorials when I saw a fan-made music video featuring The Greatest Marriage on my YouTube suggestion panel.

The Greatest Marriage (Courtesy of TV Chosun)

I’m pretty quite sure I’ve seen a minute or two of its first episode when I was browsing dramas to add on my to-watch list. But since I was sensing another Han Jae Hee (The Innocent Man) in Park Si Yeon’s character, I decided to left it sitting in my HD in the meantime. I’ve got a glimpse of Bae Soo Bin when I checked it out but I didn’t even know then that the series also stars No Min Woo.

So yeah, basically the said YouTube music video left me this strong impression of the drama so I dug up my HD and started watching.

The story centers on Cha Ki Young, a 35-year old, successful and confident, news anchor on top of her career. She’s known for her uprightness and feminist views which condemns the patriarchal social system in Korea.

Cha Ki Young

She met Park Tae Yun, a son of chaebol who works as a food columnist/reporter in the same TV station when he asked her to write and publish a food book together. Tae Yun purposely hit on Ki Young as he has this secret little crush on her several years back. He also moved just below her place to keep her on his sight.

Cha Ki Young and Park Tae Yun

Fast forwarding, the two started dating and not long after, Ki Young got pregnant with Tae Yun’s child. He introduced her to his parents only for her to know that his family lives up to the “Men is heaven; Women is earth” motto strictly. They asked Ki Young to resign from her job if she wants to marry Tae Yun. Ki Young, not being able to imagine how miserable and unjust her life would be if they were to be in-laws, decided not to get married. Instead, she announced to the public that she got pregnant through sperm donation and that she’s gonna raise the child on her own.

Aside from Angry Mom, no other drama brought me such frustrations. Not because of the plot being awful but because of the injustices portrayed in the series that actually reflect real situations in our society. It’s true, how people will always point their fingers on single mothers. The drama just shows that even in this century, the rotten biased system continues to abuse women and deprived them of a lot of things.

I was so damn frustrated with all the male characters in this drama. Neither the usual snob/stoic but kind-hearted lead guy nor the shoulder to cry on second male lead exists here. I really can’t stop myself from watching episode after episode until I saw Ki Young lives happily with her son without being under the eyes of those ridiculous, blind people who condemn her for being a single mother and can’t understand the fact the she simply could do nothing but lie about her pregnancy to protect her poor son. 🙁

I was a bit disappointed as I was expecting an ending that’s quite similar to Angry Mom where I saw those manipulative monsters handcuffed and jailed. The Greatest Marriage is too much open-ended. Even the side couples’ stories were not concluded. It really felt like they ended it so abruptly.

Yes, as many of you, I was also rooting Tae Yun for Ki Young. But geez, he turned into an unpredictable monster. Don’t get me wrong, I despised Jo Eun Cha from the very beginning, as well. I was actually wondering why the poster implies that he got a bigger role than No Min Woo when I seriously didn’t even consider him as a second male lead (well, not until the last few episodes). He’s more of a villain if I have to choose. But after I finished watching the series from beginning to end, I realized that the story is more about a woman’s struggle to raise her child on her own and how a despicable man who treated women like trash was able to warm up seeing how unfair the world is, for them. (Well, I do hope, this time, he’s sincere without any ulterior motives.)

Jo Eun Cha

So yeah, I wasn’t impressed with the ending. I want Tae Yun’s parents, his dad, especially, to suffer or at least acknowledge their fault. It also hurts my eyes that Tae Yun’s was holding Ki Young’s hand at this scene. I’m not sure if this was made to imply something but seriously… sigh.

Left to Right: Cha Ki Young, Park Tae Yun, Cha Dan and Jo Eun Cha

All and all, the drama is great. Yes, it’s heavy and I did cry but it’s worth it. I hope it’ll serve as an eye opener for everyone. I would definitely recommend this drama.

I know it’s not just me as I’ve also read a similar comment on YouTube. Indeed, one of its OST, Crazy Love really sounds like Fate (Full House OST). And nope, I’ve checked, they’re sang by different persons. Oh well, maybe the songs have the same composer?

There are times that somehow, the way Uhm Hyun Kyung speaks or maybe her voice itself reminds me of Kim Yoo Jung. I actually did check if they’re siblings. LOL.

The most embarrassing drama I’ve seen for an actor. Hahaha. Bae Soo Bin has too many epic fails and “I-just-want-to-disappear” moments in this series.

The drama’s to be aired on GMA soon (at least that what its Wikipedia page says)!

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