Yay! My latest addition to my long list of watched Korean dramas.

I actually don’t have the say to choosing the dramas I’m going to watch lately. That’s because I want to finish watching all the series I’ve got from a friend before grabbing a copy of a new one. As a result, I end up watching various forms of Kdramas – from mini series to cable dramas to TV specials. One of those is My Unfortunate Boyfriend aired by MBC Dramanet.

My Unfortunate Boyfriend (Courtesy of MBC)

The series was recommended by one of my friends. She said it’s really funny even though it’s a bit on the OA side. Since I’m bored with what I’m currently watching, I decided to give it a shot.

The drama is about Yoo Ji Na, a marketing aspirant who applied to IM, a big advertising company, for internship. She’s the madiskarte type of gal who can win people over using her charm and wit. She was accepted for the job but has to compete with another intern Jung Hye Mi, daughter of one of IM’s major stockholders, for her to be a regular employee after six months of internship.

Yoo Ji Na (left) and Jung Hye Mi (right)

On the other hand, Yoon Tae Woon who works for IM as a gardener, is a very transparent, earnest, trapped in his childhood guy who is dubbed as Mr. Unfortunate because of his weirdness. As per hearsay, anything that relates to him causes bad luck.

Mr. Unfortunate

At first, Ji Na tried her best to avoid him but the two were bound by their untangled past which keeps them on bumping to each other.

Well, the story is a so-so. Nothing special, nothing grand. It’s also quite obvious even from the beginning  that Tae Yoon is IM’s heir given the chairman’s fondness of him. It’s like any other dramas you can think of. It’s just that sometimes, I’m looking for light dramas like this that I can just laugh about.

“The Garden that Opens from All Sides”

My Unfortunate Boyfriend is a good choice if you want a break for your sageuk, heavy or dark themed dramas starring big Korean names.


My gosh. I love Ji Na’s outfit in almost every scene! Seriously, even those bags are way too cool. Actually even though these were supposed to be imitations (according to the storyline), most of the time, she looks more of a chaebol’s daughter than Hye Mi.

If these two girls are familiar to you, you’ve probably seen Yang Jin Sung (Yoo Ji Na) as Na Na’s colleague in City Hunter and Han Hye Rin (Jung Hye Mi) as Lady Park in Empress Ki.


If you’re kind of wondering why I didn’t mention Director Kang in this post, well, it’s because I can’t stand his face. Sorry, I know this sounds mean but, but, but! Hahaha ?

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