If you’re a late Korean drama bloomer and haven’t watch this series yet, you’re missing half of your fandom life. Hahaha.

Full House (Courtesy of KBS)

Full House (2004) defines all the reasons I love Kdramas. It’s funny. It’s tearjerker (poignant, in a touching way). It has a big heart.

The story is about Lee Young Jae (Justin Lee), a movie star on peak of his career meeting a frustrated script writer Han Ji Eun (Jessie Han).

Ji Eun grew up in Full House (stands for a house that is full of love) but was left alone after both of her parents died in an accident when she was still a kid. Her best friends, in need of money, tricked her to go on a trip to Shanghai so they can sell her house while she’s away. Ji Eun’s returned to Korea only to know that the Full House was already sold to Young Jae.

Things get complicated for Young Jae as he can’t admit his feelings for his childhood friend, Kang Hye Won and ended up kissing Ji Eun instead in a public event. As to not worsen the things with the media, Young Jae proposed to Ji Eun for them to pretend as a real couple and sign a marriage contract under the premise that she will get the house back after they divorce in six months time.

Young Jae Kissed Ji Eun

And the story rolls as the irascible, dirt-freak movie star lives together with the lazy and quirky writer. It’s more fun than it sounds (or rather what I made it sounds).

Full House is so beautiful, the house I mean (but yeah, the drama is, too). A house by the sea with glass walls – I so love it. KBS spent a lot of money to build it just for the drama. It’s really sad that it was demolished after being damaged by a typhoon in early 2013. It’s such a waste ’cause I’m really planning to go to Sido Island just to see this house when I visit Korea next year.

Will definitely build a house like this in the near future (but yeah, forget the sea though, I’ll just have a small lake, maybe). Will also change the color of the roof (I’m not that fond of red). I already can imagine myself living in my Full House, playing the piano, reading books, painting, blogging, and of course, watching dramas.

Anyway, going back to the series, WATCH it. I said WATCH IT. You won’t definitely regret it. By the way, since I read somewhere that they’ve heard that Full House Thai is better than the Korean version, let me tell you that it’s a big NO! Full House Thai might be cute but this one has all the heart and feels. Also this drama has one of the best endings in the dramaland!

I need to say no more. Just watch and get addicted to it like me.

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