If I were to name my favorite oppa pairing in the dramaland, that would definitely be the 10-year gap couple, Jung Suk and Hyuk Joon. Gaahh…I really don’t know too but I find myself always revisiting this drama once in a while.

Sweet 18 (Courtesy of KBS)

Kwon Hyuk Joon is a righteous public prosecutor who happened to be the only son of his generation. Kwon is a rich, traditional family in Andong lead by Hyuk Joon’s grandfather and uncle. Yoo Jung Suk, on the other hand, is an immature, 18-year old, senior high school student who leads an all-female gang in her school known as Five Princesses.

Hyuk Joon’s grandfather pressured him to get married the soonest for the sake of the Kwon’s next generation. His grandfather happened to made an oath with Jung Sook’s to have Hyuk Joon marry Jung Sook when she reach the right age. At first, the two were against the wedding but under an agreement, they eventually decided to get married after Joon Suk graduated from high school. The story rolls on as the strict prosecutor and an immature girl starts to live together as a husband and wife.

It’s funny, it’s heart-tugging…it never fails to hit me on my soft spot. Imagine, I’m watching this series in 4:9 resolution, with characters using old mobile phones and wearing outdated, tacky clothes. Haha. It’s not pleasant to the eyes, really but the heart of the story shadows everything else.

Though the last couple of episodes got boring (after they confirmed their feelings with each other), it’s a drama that’s worth the ‘Ah, I finished yet another amazing series’ phrase.

And I still find it funny, that after 4 years of being in a relationship, our lovely leads, Han Ji Hye and Lee Dong Gun broke up and she ended up marrying a real prosecutor instead (that’s after a reasonable time, of course). Naturally, a fan always hopes for happy ending to extend off screen…but yeah, that rarely happens (in the Korean dramaland, at least). Let’s just wish them both happiness.

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