If I were to name a recent perfect-ten drama, it would definitely be Healer. The drama is just amazing. Well, most of the credits go to the story. A big clap for the writer.

Healer (Courtesy of KBS)

I decided to see the series because I kind of like Ji Chang Wook. He did a great performance in Empress Ki that I wanted to see how well he acts in modern day dramas.

Healer is a night errand guy (this term also bothers me, can’t help but wonder if there’s no other word to use) with great fighting skills. So basically, he’s a skilled agent/spy who can work for anyone in exchange of a great sum. He does all sorts of thing except for hurting and killing somebody.

In one of his job, he met Chae Young Shin, a journalist from a small entertainment news website and Yoo Ji Tae, a popular reporter whom Young Shin idolizes. (See? Reporter leads again. Haha. They are, nowadays, the ones who fight for truth and justice in the dramaland.) These three were bounded by a mystery from the past which basically where the drama revolves around.

Some may compare it to City Hunter, given the quite similar lead character. I think it may be the reason they cast Park Min Young. I’m not fond of her though (don’t ask me, I don’t know why, too). Maybe I expected a City Hunter feel but I got much much more.

But seriously, Healer is a drama that always go beyond expectations. Each of the episodes play a major part in the story development. You can’t and definitely won’t skip one.

And who doesn’t like techie ahjumma? Gaahh! I definitely love her character. I salute her hacking skills. And it’s really funny that she’s been working with Healer all this time but he hasn’t met her, don’t even have an idea what she looks like!

Techie Ahjumma

Healer is a really good series, good enough to deserve its ratings in the drama review page. However, like Pinocchio, this kind of drama will only amaze you once. You may want to revisit some scenes but you won’t likely watch the whole series for the second time (since you already know how to put the scattered puzzle pieces together). Nonetheless, it has been a while since I watched such a satisfying series. Healer FTW!

I’m loving this full English song OST trend (from Gu Family Book to Fated to Love You and now, Healer) in the Korean dramaland!

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