I know, right? This drama’s going to air on ABS-CBN anytime from now. I’m sure Suzy and Lee Seung Gi’s fans are all excited. I just finished watching this series few days ago so I think it’s the perfect time to write my thoughts about this drama. I badly want to write a review before it started airing in the country.

Gu Family Book (Courtesy of MBC)

Gu Family Book to be aired in the Philippines under the title “The Love Story of Kang Chi”  is a sageuk, fantasy series about the life of Choi Kang Chi, a half human and half gumiho. I’m not going to say that this drama is all about a half-mythical being who fell in love with a mortal as the Filipinized title suggest. Of course, the love story is big part of it but I think it focuses more on the how this young man struggles to live more like a human despite of his origin.

The Love Story of Kang Chi (Courtesy of ABS-CBN)

“The Love Story of Kang Chi” may be an oversimplification of the story but “Gu Family Book” isn’t a suitable title either. This book was supposed to be the key for a Gu Family member to become a human but I haven’t seen even its shadow ’til the end of the series. Maybe it’s the reason ABS-CBN changed the title but they should have chosen a better one that will envelop the entire series.

Anyway, going back to the series, I can say that it is good. It has a nice plot, soundtracks and cast. Despite of the fact that it is a 24-episode drama, I never get bored watching it. Here are several things why I had fun watching this series.

The Love Story of Wul Ryong and Seo Hwa

Wul Ryong and Seo Hwa

Their love story was so cute. Wul Ryong, bringing Seo Hwa a lot of persimmons, huge bouquet of flowers, and colorful butterflies was so sweet. The mountain became a paradise for them in a while. They were once so happy that’s why it was so heartbreaking for me to see how tragic their love story ends.

Sometimes I think I’m more like a fan of them than that of our hero (Kang Chi) and heroine (Yeo Wool). Haha.

Dam Yeo Wool

Another thing, I like about this drama is the character played by Suzy – Dam Yeo Wool. It’s not that because I’m a fan of HyunZy, huh? Actually, it’s because I see my favorite sageuk heroine, Sujini (of The Legend) in her. The fighting and archery skills and the boyish, childish attitude – she resembles Sujini a lot. Yeo Wool is like a noble and a bit modern version of Sujini.

Sujini (left) and Dam Yeo Wool (right)

Its Romantic-Comedy Aspect

The drama has a lot of funny, light and cute scenes which is pretty rare for a sageuk. It might be the main reason I never get bored watching it – I was able to laugh, once in while.

Yeo Wool, Gon and Kang Chi’s relationship was so funny. They’re probably one of my favorite trios. Truly, Gon played an important part in making this series more palatable to young viewers.

There are also two things that make this drama different from what I watched before.

My Eden by Yisabel

It has a full English song on its soundtrack! It seems like I’m watching a Disney film when My Eden started playing in the background. The song plus the glowing lights effect made this scene so magical.

The Ending

It’s the first time I’ve seen such an ending. I got the idea that Yeo Wool will be reincarnated and will be able to meet Kang Chi again. I expected an ending that is somewhat similar to Arang and the Magistrate‘s. But I never thought that they will meet in modern time! Haha. What a spoiler! Some say that it’s the worst ending but for me this twist was able to wrap up this series with a good review from me.

“And my time that stopped started to flow again.”

One word for this drama? I think it would be refreshing. It presented quite unexpected twists and turns, and I love that.

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