I actually don’t like to write an entire post about this series anymore since I think I said more than enough when I ranted about Cha Seo Hoo last time. Hahaha. But yeah, I think I have to.

The Time We were Not in Love (Courtesy of SBS)

Difference from the original Taiwanese version? Well, a lot. Family members, homes next to each other, Cha Seo Hoo vs. Di Ling Wei, a mature version of the ever clingy Maggie (the flight attendant who has a crush on Da Ren) who I can’t even associate to her Taiwanese counterpart, and of course, the Korean flavor.

So Eun (more serious version of Maggie)

I was actually a bit looking forward to this Kdrama since the original series made a good impression. I’m also quite fond of Ha Ji Won. She’s like the female Joo Won when it comes to acting. I’ve watched both of them in several dramas but I’ve never seen one of their characters in another. They were always so into it that you’ll hardly believe only one person was behind Empress Ki and Jamie (Secret Garden) or Gaksital and Cha Yoo Jin (Tomorrow Cantabile).

Lee Jin Wook, on the other hand, I just learned is also quite an experienced actor. His only project I know though, aside from this, is Nine where he did a pretty good job but yeah, we all know the writers deserve all the credits for this drama. Anyway, I already told you that I don’t like him in this series that I just can’t root Won for Ha Na. Haha.

Of course, the story followed the original plot and I can say faithfully on the first few episodes. I can even imagine Nic the moment L showed up. Haha.

I just don’t get why they need to twist the family members. Ha Na has a younger brother instead of being the youngest of the three daughters. Won, instead of living with his mom and his younger sister, is with his elder cousin who happens to also be his immediate superior in the airline. Is it because they ran out of cast? Lol.

Oh Ha Na’s Family

On as serious note, I think it’s because they need the issue regarding Won’s mom not being responsible but selfish and the side romance of his elder cousin to fill up the last few episodes. That’s the thing with Kdramas. They can’t pull off a makjang free series easily. This I’m not sure, whether fans always expect something grand or Korean dramas just find it hard to execute an everyday life portrayal with a heart.

I’ve even read a comment that this series is such as waste of popular names. It’s like they’re waiting for something to happen that never materialized. They said the story is so ordinary and there’s really nothing special about it.

The rationale behind the fact that this drama is not so much of a success is the very same reason Tomorrow Cantabile is not that much appreciated. Kdrama fans are not yet ready to this new theme. We always tend to look for something different, something exceptional, something mysterious. We want action. We want conflicts. We want drama. It’ll take time before fans fully embraced the beauty and deepness of everyday living in the Korean dramaland.

But I don’t think fans are to be solely responsible for the somehow flop of the series. It did slack off towards the ending. What the fudge is those last two episodes for? Haha. Just to commit the promised 16 installments? Lol. And yeah, I’m wrong! Cha Seo Hoo appeared on Episode 15 and 16. Hahaha. Just to cut the ties, cleanly this time and make the atmosphere with Ha Na good and friendly.

Anyway, I don’t think it’s that necessary. I can even survive not watching at all if not for my principle of finishing what I’ve started. So yeah, after a month, I guess, after I get over with Seo Hoo thingy and all, I decided to finish it. I still think they can end it up on Episode 14 but yeah, I admit the last two eps made me a bit more at ease regarding Seo Hoo x Ha Na since they at least managed to be friends. But still, what the?!? They ended up the series without the viewers knowing the reason he was late for the engagement party! Really, that’s the root of all of it.

I should wrap this up before it becomes another Seo Hoo post. Hahaha. If I have to choose, I’ll go with the Taiwanese adaptation, In Time with You (it’s actually just Seo Hoo that’s holding me up. Lol). The original series is more closer to reality. It never tend to portray our hero and heroine as perfect persons which exactly what The Time We were Not in Love did with Choi Won. They wanted him to be the ever kind and honest best friend which go against the attempt of being natural. I think I need to see a lot more Kdramas before they got the hook of this genre.


But yeah, I still believe Korean series has the best sound tracks! I so love Why am I Like This by Suzy. The lyrics are obviously for Oh Ha Na and Choi Won but I badly want to remember the melody for Seo Hoo and Ha Na.

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