I’ve been avoiding this drama all this time even though I find IU kind of cute because I heard and read a lot of negative reviews. It’s just that last August, I ran out of new dramas to spend my spare time with so I resorted to Bel Ami.

Bel Ami (Courtesy of KBS)

Okay, I was about to give some background of the plot here but I can’t think of a solid one. Did I just forget the entire series at all? Well, I remember Jang Geun Suk played this “pretty boy” Dokgo Ma Te who aims wealth and fame in the fastest way possible. He had a rich and much older girlfriend whom he covet money from. There’s a secret behind his birth which makes up a big part of the plot.

On the other hand, IU’s character, Kim Bo Tong, is an unemployed gal who has a big crush on Ma Te. She follows him around since they were in high school even though most of the time she was just being ignored.

And since Kdramas aren’t complete without a second male lead, there comes David Choi. He’s a marketing director (MD as they call it; MD, PD, oh well, I think Koreans really do like to invent weird acronyms) who fell for Bo Tong. She describes him as her male version. They jive in almost everything. If there’s one thing that push me into watching this series, it’s because someone told me that even though the drama is not that good, there’s a possibility that I might like it because I love all those ‘second male lead syndrome’ thing. Hahaha. And yeah, I admit it. David is one of those characters I really felt sorry for.

David Choi
?  You’re looking somewhere else,
But I was always standing beside you.
If you turned your head the slightest bit,
You would be able to know my heart.

The moment the lyrics flash on the screen, I was like “Huhuhu. What a perfect song for a second male lead.”

I did enjoy the drama quite a bit. My fondness of IU helps. But on a more serious note, I would definitely not rate it above average. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older now but seriously, I’m not buying this kind of plot anymore. Hahaha. Although, yeah, I have to acknowledge it, on the very least, I think I learned some things as Ma Te went on this journey of getting to know these ten ladies on his list. 🙂

And yeah, IU and Jang Geun Suk’s popularity in the Philippines must really be significant for ABS-CBN to air this drama.

Popular rabbit doll, huh?

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