Heartstrings also known as You’ve fallen for Me is a 2011 series starring Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye. Yes, it’s one of the few dramas that give chance to our favorite second male leads, for this series, Park Shin Woo from You’re Beautiful.

Heartstrings (Courtesy of MBC)

The drama was set in a fancy music university where our leads attend to. Our heroine Lee Gyu Won is a gayageum player and member of an all-girls group majoring in Korean traditional music while Shin leads a popular boy band in school that is not so much different from CNBLUE given that they have the same vocals and drummer. Yes, it’s Min Hyuk playing our drummer cutie, Yeo Joon Hee.

Shin is your typical stoic and arrogant guy protagonist. He has this long time one sided crush on one of his professors. Gyu Won is a bit immature and noisy gal who hates the likes of the cocky Shin. An incident created a rivalry and conflict between our leads and their groups. So basically, the story revolves on how their relationship develops from being rivals to friends to lovers while they realize their own dreams.

Heartstrings can be lined up to those Kdramas with the nicest cinematography. I remember this beautiful gif from a tumblr account I’ve been following before. It’s just so wonderful with all the raindrops and lights.

Its OST is something I can’t not mention. Up to these days, You’ve Fallen for Me and Star are still on my playlist. This drama’s fashion also became a hit. I remember my sister always looking forward to Gyu Won’s bag and skirts as she watches the series. I think I’ve seen a lot bags that resemble hers on online shops too.

The only thing I don’t like about this drama is it needed more heart. The story is a bit too shallow for me. I hate that 90% of the series focus on that dull anniversary presentation. Not really dull maybe, but the fact that they made the audience anticipate that performance all this time, it became really, really disappointing. Seriously, I thought that presentation thingy will be finished in merely an episode or two. Hahaha.

Nonetheless, the series has all the cutesy. It just needs more substance.


But yeah, these bear key chains are love!

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