I know, I know. I was supposed to review a lot of dramas during the holidays but things such as laziness always happen. Hahaha. I’ll try to make it up posting as much as many reviews this month, starting off with Producers.

The Produces (Courtesy of KBS)

The Producers  is quite different from your favorite Kdrama format. It’s a Korean drama presented as a variety show. The story rolls off on the first day of work of the new batch of KBS producers including one of our protagonists, Baek Seung Chan played by Kim Soo Hyun. (No. I know what you’re thinking. I didn’t watch the drama because of him. Hahaha. What a liar.)

Kim Soo Hyun as Beak Seung Chan

I actually don’t like his character in this drama. It’s a total reverse from the smart and respectable Do Min Joon of My Love from the Star. Baek Seung Chan is the kind of idiotic, don’t-know-anything guy who reminds me of Song Sam Dong from the first few episodes of Dream High. It’s just that I don’t find the former as endearing. Hahaha.

He originally applied as a producer to have the chance to work with his college senior whom he has a crush on. Not long enough he discovered she was dating another producer, not just any producer but Ra Joon Mo, the main PD of the TV program, 2 Days and 1 Night (2D1N) which happens to be the team he’s going to be working with.


Ran Joon Mo has been friends with the main PD of Music Bank, Tak Ye Jin, for more than twenty years. But yeah, we all know it’s not just “friendship” between the two of them. They treat each other very comfortably. They fight, always, but they can’t help but worry for and be concerned with the other party every time.

IU as Cindy

IU, on the other hand, played Cindy, a Kpop idol on peak of her career. It’s not the usual sweet IU image we saw in Dream High‘s Kim Pil Suk and Bel Ami‘s Kim Bo Tong. Her character here is such a brat but lonely poor gal who doesn’t even have friends to talk to. Other celebrities are not much fond of her too. Baek Seung Chan convinced her to join 2D1N in where they got closer to each other.

And there the four leads go off this crazy adventure in the showbiz industry.

The drama has received mixed reactions. The ratings are quite lower than expected but yeah, still much higher than other Kdramas. It’s just that it involves a lot of big names in the dramaland. Well, yeah, I can say I’m actually kind of disappointed too. I don’t know. It’s just that at some point, I find myself getting bored with it. The twelve one-and-half-hour episode format may be a factor. It felt like it took me years to finish just one episode and I just stop at the middle. And yeah, less number of episodes means less climax scenes. I was not surprised when a friend asked me why is this drama so boring. Hahaha.

Although I think The Producers was still well-received in Korea and by people who regularly watch Korean variety programs. Well, I do watch some but I have to admit I do not know all the Korean personalities who made a cameo in the drama. There were scenes I’m aware were intended to be funny but I can’t laugh as I didn’t grasp the joke.

Even I was surprised with how much the dramabeans staff (specifically javabeans and girlfriday) like this series. Maybe they can relate much better than I do since they know more about Korean TV shows and the people behind them. Despite that, sorry, but still, I think Kim Soo Hyun winning Daesang is not that much deserved. I mean he really is a great actor and I’m a big fan of him but we all know this is not his best performance, not this character.

Overall, I would rate this as a good drama. Nothing’s special about it but it’s worth the watch. You’ll get an idea on how things were behind the camera of your favorite Korean variety show.


It’s also quite funny to watch Cha Tae Hyun directs 2D1N instead of him being one of the program cast. And also, I have to say that Lee Seung Gi’s cameo was the funniest. That “I saw him from Chil Princesses” and “I thought he’s just an actor (not a singer)” joke nailed it. Hahaha.

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