Owiiee. School 2015 is one of the few 2015 dramas I was able to watch this year. I’m quite busy catching up with older dramas (2014 and earlier) I’ve got with a friend. I was actually on the verge of great disappointment as I can’t seem to watch any decent dramas these days since Healer when I thought of watching this series.

Who are You: School 2015 (Courtesy of KBS)

I was then hesitant since no matter how everyone praises its predecessor, School 2013 and its bromance whatsoever, I can’t bring myself to like it. I remember finishing it was almost like torture (but yeah, maybe next to That Winter the Wind Blows though). Hahaha. I finally made up my mind, thinking no drama starring the young but talented star, Kim So Hyun could go wrong anyway. And I’m really glad I gave it a chance.

The drama has quite an intriguing plot – twins, high school bullies, sports, friendship.

The series features Lee Eun Bi, a high school student in Tongyeong who grew up in an orphanage. She keeps on getting bullied by a group of mean girls lead by Kang So Young. And it’s not just the outcast, silent treatment kind of thing. They hurt her, shame her, put dirt on her and frame her for things she didn’t do. Basically, they made her school life felt like hell.

Go Eun Byul, her twin sister, on the other hand, is living a blissful life with her adoptive mom whom treasures her like her own daughter. She has a stronger personality than Eun Bi, has pretty cool friends in school and is good in studying too. Eun Byul is aware of Eun Bi. Under the name of her mom, she sends her gifts such as clothes and shoes that match hers.

Eun Byul’s class had a trip to Tongyeong when we discovered that a mysterious incident related to a former classmate is bothering her. On the last day of the trip Eun Byul got missing. Her mom keeps on searching for her until she received a call that a girl who looks like Eun Byul was admitted to the hospital. The girl turned out to be Eun Bi who lost her memories. She jumped off a bridge after being kick out from school because of So Young.

And there she goes, unintentionally starts to live the life of her twin sister.

The thing I like about the drama is its pacing. Every episode contributes to the big puzzle. Eun Bi got her memory back earlier than I expected. [Spoiler alert] And when it was hinted that Eun Byul is alive we saw her on act right on the next episode. Because of the exciting turn of events, you will find yourself hanging till the end of the series.

“Gosh, seriously! [we really look alike]”

The two male leads played their parts really well too. I’m just quite disappointed with Han Yi An. (Don’t mind me, I just ship her with Eun Byul.) I mean I don’t think that ten years of friendship and one-sided love can be forgotten that easily. I don’t know. Maybe yeah, let say that’s possible but I find it a bit unfair for him to fall on Eun Bi thinking she was the same Eun Byul he spent all these years with.

Eun Byul to Han Yi An when he said he wanted to put a period on his ten-year, one-sided love:

Han Yi An, once some time goes by, I might think to myself, that I actually liked you a lot. I might have regrets, “Why I didn’t know earlier?” You were next to me for ten years. Even if one day, I feel really sad for not having you anymore, that’s my burden to bear.

I think that’s the reason it’s Gong Tae Kwang who won the viewers’ hearts. We all know his love is way more sincere from the very beginning. Though I was still a bit surprised when So Hyun and Yook Sung Jae won the Best Couple award. It migth be a bit awkward for Nam Joo Hyuk. Haha. I think he and So Hyun (as Eun Byul this time) could also win the award if he just realized it was still her in his heart. Hahaha.

I know why am I pushing this Eun Byul x Han Yi An and Eun Bi x Tae Kwang thing. It’s because I don’t want it to register to me that the drama is not really about the twin sisters but Lee Eun Bi alone. Yes, Eun Byul played a big part in the story but we (I) should admit that the focus is on Eun Bi.

Anyway, thumbs up for Who are you: School 2015. It’s a great drama. Made me anticipate the next season of this popular School series. I would like to congratulate Kim So Hyun. She really did great on her first lead drama. Clap. Clap.

And because I can’t keep myself from posting beautiful photos…

I so love the its OST Reset. Seriously, I listen to it for like almost everyday.

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