If I remember correctly, this series is the very first drama I watched featuring a divorced couple. And because it made a good impression, I become quite fond of such stories lately.

Cunning Single Lady (Courtesy of MBC)

Cunning Single Lady features the story of Na Ae Ra and Cha Jung Woo after three years they had separated. The couple had a happy and simple life together at the beginning of their married life. Problems arise when Cha Jung Woo resigned from work to do business – to build a startup IT company, to be specific. But because of lack of funds coming from investors, the two suffered a hard time putting food on the table. Na Ae Ra did all sorts of job to payoff their debts and to support Cha Jung Woo. They broke up when she reached her limit that she can’t bear to be with him anymore. (There’s actually more about this that lead her to this decision if you watch the series.)

Three years later, Cha Jung Woo is already leading the IT industry in Korea, being the CEO of his founded company, D&T Ventures. Na Ae Ra, on the other hand, is working in a high-end fashion store as a sales person. She was shocked by the news and can’t believe that her then loser husband is now a chaebol.

Circumstances arise and the two met for the first time since they got divorced and that’s where their story rolls in for the second time.

I’ve got this drama from a friend who has a crush on Lee Min Jung. (Oh, well. It’s just time to pay me back after I gave him a copy of Big. Hahaha.) Another friend who started watching the series said it was too corny for her to watch so I was hesitant at first. But because I don’t have much dramas that time (compared today), I decided to watch it. The corny thing she referred to was just the beginning of the series when the couple first met. Hahaha. The rest, I can say, is funny, enjoyable and worth the watch.

It was actually in this series that I first realized Joo Sang Wook is Hwarang Wolya from Queen Seon Deok. But yes, I know he was the surgeon from Good Doctor. And another yes, I finished that drama without realizing he’s Wolya. Hahaha. I just thought his face but more like his voice is really familiar then. And who knows the ever serious and poker face, Wolya could be this funny. Hahaha. I think Joo Sang Wook really did a great job in Cunning Singe Lady that made me watch Birth of a Beauty and Masked Prosecutor. I haven’t finished the latter yet but I can say I still like CSL the most among the three.

Lee Min Jung is awesome as usual. I would like to see her in another image though. Her characters are very much alike lately (not that I know a new drama starring her since CSL).

Anyway, the drama is good. The second guy whose name I still have to google as of writing this (which turns out to be Seo Kang Joon) became a new actor to look forward to. He played Gook Seung Hyun, the younger brother of D&T’s Director, Yeo Jin who in turn likes Jung Woo. Seung Hyun started to develop feelings for Ae Ra when the two of them joined the company as interns. I’m not really into rooting his character for Ae Ra though, ’cause you all know I’m not quite fond of noona pairing. Hehehe. And yeah, Da Ran already chose Kyung Joon in Big; it’s time to choose the older guy.

Also I like how this drama wrapped up the story in a sense that no one is left miserable. Yeo Jin may have lost her love for the second time but at least, she and Seung Hyun got their mom back. The latter was also able to pursue his passion in art. It’s not as a win-win ending like in Coffee Prince (in where the four leads ended up happy together with the one they love) but still has this amicable, good-and-all friendly feeling.

I do recommend this drama. Watch Cunning Single Lady if you want a very funny and light series but still has the core and the heart.

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