I would absolutely believe if someone would tell me that Emergency Couple and Cunning Single Lady have the same author. Haha. There are so many similarities, really.

Emergency Couple (Courtesy of tvN)

Divorced couple

Became co-workers

Hold secret conversations on the rooftop

Death of the Lead guy’s father

Cunning Single Lady focused more on “I’m rich now [Jung Woo to Ae Ra]” kind of thing while Emergency Couple is more like “I can be a doctor too [Jin Hee to Chang Min]” kind of stuff. Still pretty much alike but the latter dealt with profession rather than social status.

Oh Chang Min and Oh Jin Hee married young despite Chang Min’s mom’s protest against Jin Hee. She believes Jin Hee doesn’t deserve to be a part of their family who, ironically, leave her aside, are all successful doctors. After merely a year of marriage, the couple decided to get a divorce as their arguments were already getting more serious. They needed to deal with financial problems as well.

After six long years they’ve spent at med school (one was pursuing his abandoned dream, the other was proving she can be a doctor too and there’s nothing great about being one), the two meet again as interns at the same hospital assigned to take in charge of the ER. And that’s were the crazy adventure starts.

Oddly enough, even though Emergency Couple doesn’t really delight my eyes as most of the scenes were filmed inside the hospital and the winter fashion is also not something I’m fond of, I find myself revisiting this drama once in a while. It’s a little bit less funny than Cunning Single Lady but is still a very light drama with a warming story.

Relationship. Friendship. Family. Profession. The series tried to present these four strong aspects makjang-free. Nothing is too grand and heavy. I was actually a bit surprise when Yong Gyu chose to wear his headset over the white gown. That moment, I know this drama wants to be natural in its earnest. It doesn’t encourage you to be a doctor but it does inspire you to do what really makes you happy.

“A perfect life doesn’t exist. Unexpected accidents happen in life. We make irreversible mistakes, too. But every time we fall and get hurt, we definitely find ourselves changed in the midst of it. We realize others’ pains or we find ourselves maturing. Wouldn’t it really be like the beginning of love? So even if we keep making mistakes and falling, we’ll keep growing and challenging ourselves.”


Still, medical dramas always make me feel like I want to be a doctor (at least during the short period of time when I’m watching them)? Hahaha. Well, school dramas make me want to badly go back to school, too. 🙂

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