Watched this drama because of a friend who has a crush on Lee Min Jung and it has other familiar artists too like Gong Yoo and Suzy.

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The series started well with a nice and light feels until the Episode 1 ended with the two male leads’ bodies being swapped which I think was a crazy thing to happen on the very first episode. I was like “What? It’s too early for this!” Haha. Nonetheless, I continued watching thinking that the twist must be the two souls were supposed to be switching back and forth to each other’s body. But NO! Haha.

The story is about Gil Da Ran, a high school teacher who is about to get married to her doctor fiancé, Seo Yoon Jae. They’ve met in their friends’ wedding in where she bumped into him and fell down the stairs, trying to catch the bride’s bouquet. She spent two months in the hospital as a result. This was when the two got close to each other. He proposed to her the day he removed her cast.

However, there seems to be things bothering Yoon Jae just a few weeks before their wedding. Da Ran was worried that Yoon Jae might be only forcing himself to marry her to take responsibility for what had happened. When Yoon Jae was about to explain to her what’s going on, after she blurted her feelings out, he was involved on a road accident with Kang Kyung Joon, Da Ran’s student who just transferred from the US. And boom! Uh-oh! When Kyung Joon, opened his eyes, he found himself on Yoon Jae’s body. And Yoon Jae (on Kyung Joon’s body) got in coma.

The story rolls as Da Ran and Kyung Joon tries to hide the big secret while finding a way to put everything back in place. Suzy played Jang Ma Ri, Kyung Joon’s admirer (you can say stalker, who knows him for quite a long time) who went back to Korea to look for him.

The drama started with a lot of potential, actually, but it messed up as the episode keeps on going without any progress on Yoon Jae’s case. Yes, I know that I maybe be a bit biased ’cause I’m actually rooting for Yoon Jae but still. Haha. They should have let Yoon Jae got his body back even just for a while and fight for Da Ran. I’ll be more than willing to accept if she will still choose Kyung Joon. It’s just that it feels so unfair for Young Jae to loose her just like that. I was actually really frustrated about this.

Nonetheless, I finished the drama since I still keep my principle of finishing things I’ve started. Haha. The series isn’t bad. It’s just really, really disappointing ’cause I know this could have definitely been better (to think it has really cute OST as well).

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